Where she went by Gayle Forman


This book just helped me tied the know on Adam and Mia. It’s the sequel to If I Stay, set after 3 years. If you’ve read If I Stay and haven’t pick up this book, well………….where have you been! get on Book Depository or Barnes and Noble or the library and FIND IT!!!


So……..If I Stay was a heartbreaking book from the first page to the end and I remember a lot of tears and swirling emotions!!! The end of that book didn’t give me enough closure so when I got my hands on this book, I squealed and dived in.

So……reading what had happened to Adam after everything, disappointed me and broke my heart into a lot of pieces!!! He was a “guy” and was the kinda guy who had a one night stand every second day (maybe, even more). He was so broken after leaving Mia for 3 years, he was an echo of the talented and swoon-worthy Adam we read about in If I Stay.

When they both reunited, I felt as if everything was beginning to fall into place and finally be perfect again. The tour around New York with Adam helped him realise and put in check all his anger and confusion. When they admitted everything and let everything out in the open,I felt as if all the barriers between them finally crumbled and I was so happy that they were finally together and happy again.

I admired Mia’s strength to move on from her accident, the choices she made took so much gut and courage. She let go the person she loves in order to rediscover herself, and it did her good. Adam *sigh*, stay strong, man!!!

I love Gaye Forman’s writing style and her ability to explore deep relationships and difficulties and give them another chance. It seems a lot of her books are about second chances and making choices and that is what makes her books GREAT!! Thank you, Gayle!!!




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