Book reviews

Minders by Michelle Jaffe




Firstly, this book didn’t end properly!!!!
I wanted an ending where they both ended up properly, the ending left me hanging with just:

“We’re having it at our house on Ladyvine Street,” Ford put in. “It has a tree house – ”

“-with a rocking horse head on the wall,” Sadie said
And that’s, just having just met after his memory is wiped and I yelled out loud because it left me hanging and so empty!!!


For an upside, the science of this book was really interesting, though. The whole idea about entering a person’s mind and experiencing their livesĀ then unlocking their subconscious, if you could was actually fascinating. This also brought a lot of uncomfortable privacy issues and just stuff that was creepy.
The cover of this book was also really cool.

Onto characters,
Ford: Wasn’t particularly a huge fan of him, he was naive and rash and gullible, I did really see what Sadie saw in him except for his looks and how she described him was pretty breathtaking (if I say so). But other than that, well, yeah.
Sadie: She was much better, she was very logical but that broke down as she fell in love but I like how she managed to fix her life at the end and recognise that her life was cold and fake. I was happy with the scene where she dumps Pete. I loved how he was like, “We never loved each other, now get out of the car”. The best, I was applauding her for that.
I have a feeling that James was this spoilt, handsome, physcopathic brother who made everyone love him. I hated how he got away with everything.

The end bit when Ford and Sade kind of “fall in love” was of course happy and sad. VERY melancholic and the August meeting never happened…NOO!!! But you know, Lulu brought them together again. I love Lulu, by the way, she’s my favourite character.

So overall, the book is about an 80-85%
I would recommend it, its gives you a lot of thought.

Cya later!



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