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City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare




This is a full SPOILERY REVIEW so after you finish reading this paragraph, go away but you MUST definitely read this if you have read all of The Mortal Instruments. If you haven’t started, you’re a poo. Another tip, if you haven’t read the Infernal Devices but you have read TMI, don’t read this book. There’s so many references that wouldn’t give you the same impact and understanding so read that first than come back to this book.

Let’s start with Simon.
His ending was heartbreaking. He lost his freaking memory of the shadow world and even more devastatingly, Clary and Izzy. I hated his new mundane life but when his band The Mortal Instruments (BEST THING) have that extra hint, I was elated when Magnus and Izzy brought him back, weaning him back into their lives. I just hated how he forgot Clary.

The ending of this book was satisfying, I was crying during the wedding comic strip but I loved how this book tied together TMI and TID, together so well. And at the same time, it introduced The Dark Artificies , Cassie seemed to make us love Emma and Jules before their story. Though, CoHF is their story as well.

There were some of the most hilarious moments;
Alec walking in to Simon and Izzy twice
I loved his complaints (“My eyes!”), I literally laughed out loud!.
Alec’s character development gave this book something extra. Previous, we were never able to really get to know Alec and I think, the Magnus’ kidnapping allowed Alec to come through.

Another devastation; Jordan died! In the first what, 100 pages! It was shocking and I screamed and paced around in my bedroom!!! Surprisingly, his death didn’t hurt as much as I though it would, I predicted that his death would come but I wasn’t as depressed. But I admired Maia’s resilience and her leadership. GIRL POWER!!!

Raphael’s death hurt more than Jordan for me. It was sad and the relationship between him and Magnus was so surprisingly close. Something any of us could predict.

Sebastian’s death hurt the most. Wait, let me explain. When the Heavenly Fire burnt all his badness and he had those last few good moments before he was no more, he was who he would be. He was gentle and good but corrupted by Valentine and Lilith. Those last glimpses of him as the boy who could be Jonathan instead of Sebastian was heartbreaking and the biggest scene I cried in! His last pleas were so selfless, begging Clary to hate him so he couldn’t give her more grief and apologising, *weep*

Jem and Tessa’s wedding was an amazing comic strip. Will being there just tied it together.

This was such a beautiful book. Jem and Tessa, of course were full of wise words and their quotes are amazing.
And the last lines of the book, hit it off.18
I’m sad it’s over, I’ve been waiting 2 years for this book and now that it’s finished I feel so empty!!!

Tell me how you felt.



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