Book reviews

A Respectable Girl by Fleur Beale


This was a good “pass the time” book. It wasn’t particularly drawing but I have to say I learnt a lot of history from it. One of the main one is that there was actually a war against the Maoris and the British in New Zealand. It was good to learn about it and about someone who experienced it.


Hannah was a brave character who I admired when she defied the “stiffness” of 19th century feminine conventions. The relationship between her and her brothers and Maori stepmother was refreshing to read.

I read this after City of Heavenly Fire and you can imagine the book hangover I was experiencing and this book had the lightness I needed.

The romance in the novel was very rushed and ill-paced. This was especially between her and the Captain at end. It sort of rushed through many months (maybe a year) in about 3 paragraphs. And before I knew it, they were going to be married. I would’ve liked to see the romance evenly spread within the main plot. That would have made it much more balanced.

I give this book about a 85-90%

I’m sorry I haven’t written a better review. It’s sort of short and blunt but I finished it about 3 days ago and I was reading it during exams so my brain is stuffed.



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