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The Fault in our Stars Movie Review


the-fault-in-our-stars-movie-posterThe Fault in Our Stars movie is finally here, starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort.
I’ve just got home from watching this movie in Gold Class (cool, right?) and I was moved and thoroughly satisfied. This movie was great heart-wrenching, emotional and amazing!


Josh Boone did a well job on this movie. I thought the acting was great except at times I thought it was very forced by Ansel but that was not a huge problem. I don’t know how many words I can say to explain how magnificent Shailene’s acting is. She played Hazel’s role perfectly, with the right mix of wit and love. When she cried I could feel the hurt; when she smiled, everything fell into place. It was just awesome.
The scenes that I loved was…everything. I was very surprised with this movie. I had watched all the clips and from that I was really worried ’cause everything felt awkward and unauthentic but I was happily wrong. Their relationship was greatly paced and natural. Ansel had that metaphoric wit bam-smack accurate. He was so cute during the airplane scene. His skittishness and childish wonder and fear was well done (good job, Ansel). The whole Amsterdam trip was well done especially the Van Houten visit and Anne Franck house, I think those scenes brought out her determince and perseverance. I couldn’t help laughing during the sex scene, I just found it so funny. I especially appreciated that when Hazel texted our emailed, it would come on the screen in cool “Tfios” cartoons. I always hate when text and emails come on screen and you can’t read it but they assume you can, this little difference raised everything up for me.

So, now to the inevitable torture. I think the fandom was especially worried about the whole series of events regarding Augustus’s cancer f3e3b30b8c39ee91_Thumb_jpg_xxxlargeand suffering and death. But no worries, it was good. I think what I disliked was that he didn’t look sick, he was paler than the rest of the movie but it would have made everything more realistic if he actually looked like he had cancer but I have to say, his stump was realistic. It was funny, during the credits, it said “Augustus’ Stump Double”, funniest thing! His sickness and death I found was a tad rushed but it was good that Boone made sure that the message that they loved each other was made across numerous times. Everything was heart wrenching, especially Augustus’ “getting the cigarettes and infecting his cord” scene. The one where Hazel has to get him late at night and he’s crying and vomiting. That scene was incredibly accurate! His vomit was so real and he actually did and it was gross but I was happy. You could feel his suffering and humiliation and that was probably when I started crying…or maybe earlier than that. After he died, tears kept coming and by that time, my crytissue was soaked and disgusting but I didn’t notice till the end.
The letter at the end was that final climax of tears (and the movie).

I can’t forget Isaac, I was so happy with his casting. His total psychotic episode after being dumped by Monica was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. He was perfect and absolutely how I imagined him to be, even though he’s not supposed to have black hair but who cares.

Everything was great, there were little bits that I disliked but those are minuscule compared to the whole movie.
What did you think of the movie? What’s you favourite scene? What did you dislike?
My favourite scene is probably Isaac’s drama scene in Augustus’ room and Hazel and him are trying to talk in the background. I’m gonna give this movie a 95%.

Tell me what you think and now I’m outfault-in-our-stars-movie_raannt



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