City of Heavenly Fire…..again?


Hello Guys!!
I’m deciding to re-read City of Heavenly Fire even though I’ve finished it two weeks ago. BUT, I will post the facts and hints and the needs-to-knows after I’m doneI’ve realised that the first time, I was so caught up with the awesomeness and drama that I didn’t notice the interesting bits and bobs that Cassie has given us for her future series: The Dark Artifices, The Last Hours, The Wicked Powers. thCAON2BZY
I won’t post another review because that will be exhausting and you guys probably don’t want to read more raving. .
While re-reading, I’m gonna use a lot of post- ts and my notebook will be filled with scribbled notes.
The main reason I’m doing this is because:
no.1: I need to organise my thoughts.
no. 2: I don’t have any books to read and I don’t have any cash but in a month, I will have mountain of books, I guarantee you. And soon, you will find out why.
So I hope you’re excited for this and if you anymore theories for Cassie’s future-already-loved books, tell me! I want to know!



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