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Eleanor and Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

This book was so cruel to my heart. It stole it, pumped it up with happiness and addiction then broke it into hundreds of little pieces with the ending. It was beautiful and tragic and amazing and made me laugh and cry and shout into the endless void, where my ramblings usually go.

The two characters were real, real as us with the same social anxiety and inner fears that we all have to suffer through. Their love was one of the most honest ones I’ve read about. Even though it was set in the 80s, Rainbow Rowell seemed to convey that love has been the same throughout all those years, no matter how imperfect we are. She created these wonderful characters that were filled with so many real flaws and characteristics that few authors dare to write. 
Eleanor was fat, not really fat but lets say….chubby. She had bad fashion and she was indecisive and had a low self esteem., one of the lowest that I’ve read about She had an unfortunate life, she had a big family with an abusive step father and they weren’t a rich bunch. She was bullied and teased and she kept to herself.
Park was half Asian which was unusual in the 80s and especially where he lived where most of the community were either black or white. He stayed in the background and tried to stay out of anyone’s attention.
We have introduced to us these two down to earth characters who were originally unlikely to fall in love but did. I loved how Rainbow paced their romance, it was honest and real and had started it as awkward yet somehow unraveled to be one of the best romance, contemporary YA books written. 
I found that I related better to Park than Eleanor, I didn’t come from a bad family background and I had the same anxieties and I understood his thinking and state of mind better. I didn’t share the same indecisiveness as Eleanor, I wasn’t really shy and unlike her, I liked meeting new people.
The ending broke my heart. I don’t really understand how Eleanor could wait a year before contacting Park even though he helped her and lover her so incredibly much. But as I said I relate better with Park than her. 
One of the things that annoyed me was that Park declared his love several times yet not once in the entire 300 and somethings pages, Eleanor did not say “I love you” back not once even though she did. The whole time I was crossing my fingers, waiting for it to happen but it didn’t. That’s very common in YA books, the girl doesn’t say “I love you” or waits till the very last minute for that to happen or before something bad happens and they die, something similar to that. Why can’t she just say it!!!!!!!!!!!
Now about the three little words that annoyed all of us and that Rainbow refuses to tell us for all her good reasons. I am a sole believer that it is “i love you”, because they are three hopeful words that could make Park happy, again. In my mind, they are reunited and are together again and exchange letters and phone calls and everything’s honky dory.

Read it! Its a short read.
My rating: 97%


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