Book reviews

The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen


This book was………..I’m not really sure how to explain it but I enjoyed it yet I was still frustrated for the end.
Both of the characters were interesting, Wes was swoon-worthy and Macy was the perfect school girl. From the outside, both of them are completely different characters yet events unfold for both of them to fall in love. I loved how they were friends first, I would actually love if this book was double its size and half of it was the same and then when they become a couple, we could read all about that and feel happy like in a Stephanie Perkins book.

What really annoyed me was the fact that I read this whole book, waiting for them to get their shiz together and their problems solved so that I could see them get together and see how their relationship develops. But that didn’t happen, well it did in the last few pages, then it stopped. That’s a very common thing that we see in contemporary YA, they will develop a relationship then end. I know authors do this so that the book doesn’t really end and so that the characters continue to be living like normal everyday lives. Our stories don’t just end, they become the beginning of something else. It’s all good but I can’t help wanting closure.

This book was actually VERY good even though my review may sound like its frustrating but overall its a good read. All the characters are real and if you’ve read it, you know what I mean. They’re down to earth; Delia, Kristy, Wes, Bert, Caroline, everyone despite always feeling you want to stab the mum. But this book also provides insight on what its like losing a loved one and you get to read about their mourning and mind and see what they want and need and feel. There’s a lot of talk about forever and what it means to us, read it and you’ll see

My rating: 90%







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