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Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas

crown of midnight cover

Woah . . .
You kidding me . . .
This was one of the books that blew me away.
I finished the book late (very late) at night and stared at the cover, thinking and trying to have a comprehensible thought. But this book was . . .amazing . . .speechless . . .and just. . . . .I can’t even find the words.

I had to write this review two days after I actually finished the book so I could actually write a review that said something, other than WOAH.

I can say that Sarah J Maas is a very talented and clever writer, she weaved all these characters and plot and lies together and when she cleared them all away with this one truth that explained everything, it was a huge BANG!.= Not many authors can do that, it takes a lot of skill to do that and somehow convince us, readers that, that lie is the truth. But somehow, we all suspected something big was going to happen, something that changed all we knew about those last two books. Now, I am desperate for Heir of Fire and I’m crossing my fingers that Chaol and her reconnect their relationship and kill the King because he is pissing me off,  ALOT!

So Chaol and her.
Those pages about their perfect relationship and when everything was happy was the best thing in the world. When that kidnapping and Nehemia’s death happened, it hurt, A LOT. I cried, A LOT. My heart ached, A LOT. I just want her to forgive him because it wasn’t his fault and she knows that. DAMN ARCHER! I do not like you, I detest you and your handsome face, that ugly heart makes your whole being ugly. That was directed to Archer not you guys.

So, what do you think of the twist at the end.
I did suspect it but her whole line of thoughts referred to her (the lost queen) in third person so I brushed that suspicion away and when that reveal occurred, I was just happy (and sad). She can change everything and make everything good again and how its supposed to be. I want Heir of Fire NOW! I wish I had an ARC copy, seems like everyone on the internet has one, except for me…….*weep*.

Heir of Fire 2


Crown of Midnight is a 100% and Heir of Fire will be a 200%
Yes it is!


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