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Landline by Rainbow Rowell



Quote of the day:

“He doesn’t love when it’s funny. He laughs when he’s happy”

Once again, Rainbow Rowell has written this “blown my mind away” book. The down to earth characters and the way they make you laugh endlessly. I’m still so in the zone and my mind is still blown away. Her characters are all so different, they’re like completely different puzzle pieces that seem to fit together and when you put them together, they’re like this huge picture that has encompassed so many pieces, that you would never have thought would have been added. On the shelf of Rainbow Rowell books, this book (for me) would be third, after Fangirl and Attachments. And Eleanor and Park, comes at the bottom. NOT that, it wasn’t good, it was the ending. I don’t like unfinished ending that don’t tell me what the hell those 3 freaking words are. But Landline was so honest – the type of honest that makes you think. The only type of honesty that solves the problem. Read it, come back, read this, so you don’t get blown away by the spoilers.


So…..where to start…….ok, lets start with the whole problem.
Neal and Georgie (McCool, how cool is that last name. Pun intended) are married with two kids, Noomi (Naomi) and Alice. They love each other endlessly somehow, their marriage isn’t working. When their annual trip comes, Georgie can’t go to Omaha with them because, finally her dream show is being accepted. Neal is mad and takes the girls and leaves without them. She’s broken.

Her problems, were like this whole mid-life breakdown. Coming back to her mum’s house, dressed badly and totally giving up on life…kinda.
I loved her relationship with Neal from the past. They were both polar opposites when it came to their personalities. She was outgoing, certain and confident, she was good at parties but didn’t like them. He was an introvert who preferred ink to people. He doesn’t smile and he doesn’t laugh. But it was strange, reading about both of them and what they were like under the facade. It was this beautiful college romance and it just kept unravelling.
There was that point when both of them had to figure out if love was enough. I thought Ms Rowell concentrated particuarly on that problem. Is love enough? Is it enough to pull you through your marriage troubles and make everything fine again. All throughout the book, that’s what Georgie thinks about as she talks to her husband from the past. But I especially adored Neal’s answer when he proposed. “We’ll make our own enough.” It’s true and I 100% believe that love isn’t enough but it’s the building block to make sure it works. That’s how it will be enough and that’s what Neal says. All he knows that they love each other and want to be with each other and that should be reason enough to make sure they last.  An enough reason for them to make their own enough.

I loved it – 95%
i loved that little “before” and “after” section at the back.
Did you love it? Why, why not? Your favourite section, your favourite character. Tell me what you think of the quote of day. That’s my favourite line from the book. It was so clever and when I read it, I was like woah.  Tell me cuz I WANT to know.


One thought on “Landline by Rainbow Rowell

  1. Great review! I’ve heard a lot of great things about Rainbow Rowell, and I really really really want to read one of her books! Just need to remember to find her in the library…


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