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Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas

Heir of Fire 2

HEIR OF FIRE!!! The anticipated third book is here! I have to say this is probably the best book of the series so far. It is slower paced, Ms Maas has taken more time to delve into the characters and their relationship with each other. This book has an entirely different feel to it. So far, we have been been used to mainly just Caleana’s perspective and the events surrounding her but in the book, we have four plot lines running together simultaneously, two which are closely linked (Dorian’s and Chaol’s). We have many new characters introduced, two of the main ones are bloodthirsty Manon and driven and fierce Rowan. This book is far from disappointing and finishing this book, made me yearn for the last three books which we will have to wait FOREVER for.


Where so I start?
Let’s start with the new characters. Firstly, Manon.
Man, she scares me! Chapter 4 is when we are first introduced to her, she is described as deadly and beautiful. From our first encounter with her, we know how bloodthirsty and determined she is to get her own way. Throughout her plot line, we learn that she is the leader of the Thirteen, a group of Blackbeak witches. This conflict between the clans of witches – the Yellowlegs, BlueBloods and the Blackbeaks – I found very amusing. They were like bickering relatives who, no matter how they tried couldn’t get along. The wryverns, they were like flying bulls and the relationship between Manon and her beast faintly reminded me of Eragon. I am still very confused if she is supposed to be the bad guy or good guy. She’s working for the King and the at the end of the book, they are riding out to do what they are sent to do but I have a feeling that she will somehow realise the truth and come to the good side.

I am in love with him.
I loved him because he helped Celaena overcome her darkness and her turmoils. In this book, we really get to know and understand the losses and burdens Celaena hold. This large power that seems to have no end and the guilt she hold for the deaths that she has experienced. The bond between them is one I’ve never read about. They were friends, something that went deeper than that but they weren’t lovers, they were just there for each other. And I just admired it. Celanena grew to be much stronger in this book, facing her power, her losses and the decision she made. She faced being queen. In the next book, I’m hoping all the key characters are finally reunited to fight against the King.

The King.
Man, he pisses me off.
In this book, we really get to see how evil he is. The massacre of the slaves, Sorcsha’s death, what he did to Dorian. OH MY GOSH, DORIAN! He put the collar on him. We don’t fully understand what has happened to him yet because all we know is the collar is put on him then it switches plots. Dorian finds his own way, he falls in love and then she is taken away from him and I was not expecting that. I cried in shock and my heart broke for him.

Chaol and Aedion, the unlikely allies.
They uncovered so much on their own. How magic was taken away, how they can bring it back. This why I really want all of them to be reunited with Celeana. The image of a peaceful Erilea pulls me to read more and the prospect of the fourth book makes me jump with joy and cry with impatience. Another bond which admired was the protective bond Aedion held for Aelin, even though it had been several years, almost a decade, he mentions that he would do anything for his queen and this time he would never let her go. The end; him being pulled away for his execution, I really hope that Chaol rescues him in the next book.
Chaol’s friendship with Dorian was severed throughout this book but the as Chaol begins to see and realise what side he must be on, Dorian’s, the true king, they build it again. The last line that Chaol says to Dorian before he flees to respect his wishes, “I love you” broke my heart.

” He looked at his friends, perhaps for the last time and said what he had always known, from the moment they’d met, when he’d understand that the prince was his brother in soul, “I love you”. 
Dorian merely nodded, eyes still blazing, and lifted his hands again towards his father. Brother. Friend. King “

What did you think?
Favourite character?
The next book is certainly going to be filled with heart-pounding action. There will be so many things happening and so many things that need to be done.

My rating 98%


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