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Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

Sinner is companion novel to the Shiver trilogy. It revolves around the lives of Cole and Isabel after the events of the series. Cole has returned as a rock star in Los Angeles where Isabel also is, working with a fashion designer. When they reunite, they are met with a question: Can they reclaim their love?

I was disappointed with this book. For some reason I was looking forward to this read, I had some sort of hope that it would finish off the Shiver series in a good way but it unfortunately didn’t.
I find Maggie Stiefvater to be a very inconsistent writer; half of her novels, I enjoy and the others I don’t, at all. But for me, Sinner ranks as the worst of all her books.

Lets start with the characters. They are both shallow and insecure.
Cole drowns in his sorrows, A LOT by injecting himself with some sort of medicine that allows him to turn into a wolf because it allows him to forget his troubles. And he continually does this throughout the book as a replacement for drugs. He tells himself it’s better but it is a way, he find excuses to excuse himself. He aims to improve his life; remain sober and clean which I guess, we readers should admire but I can’t seem to. His egotistical attitude just annoys me.
Another characteristic of him which also annoyed me was his mistaken lust for Isabel as love. Throughout the book, he moans over her; how he loves her, he wants her, he wants to be with her, she’s beautiful, etc, etc. For everytime he said he loved her in his head, I wanted to slap him. He does not love her, he lusts her. Everytime they meet in this book, he cannot help but touch her or kiss her. His arrogance pushes him to say and text Isabel numerous times for sex.

Isabel, isn’t that much better.
She cannot control how her moods affect others, especially her cousin, Sophia who is the sweetest character. Isabel snaps at her and belittles her according to her mood. She’s shallow and she WANTS to be able to let go, get drunk and make out with strangers. And she almost does this with her boss’ husband. She finds excuses just like Cole, to not be Cole’s girlfriend when that’s exactly what she wants. She’s indecisive, one moment she will be draping herself on Cole and the next, she will be looking for reasons to flee from the responsibilities of a relationship.
The plot of this novel was self-inflicted by Isabel, herself.

There is no character development with both of the characters. The ending, from the surface, looks changed for the better but their fundamental flaws have not. The only thing that has changed is that Isabel finally made the choice to be with Cole but I have no doubt that in the future, she will change her mind, Cole will be sick of it and dump her. But maybe, that’s just my imagination.

The positive part of what I think of this book was that it was entertaining in the way I wanted to know what was going to happen. Apart from that, was that I enjoyed Sophia’s and Leon’s characters; honest, sweet and fundamentally selfless.

What did you think? Same as me or different?

My rating 65%


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