Getting Over The Bridge

I read a post recently on “freemylittlewords”, a blog (and blogger) I admire very much because of her honesty in all her posts as she voices the things she goes through which is ultimately what a lot of us go through, as well.
This time her post was titled “Falling Back to Zero”. And she talks about feeling comfortable in our skin, that how much we really want to, we just can’t seem to do it and the daily struggle of getting over it through reassuring ourselves of our fundamental beauty.
I woke up today, hating myself. Hating the way I looked, that nothing looked good on me and that the only way for my hair to look good was to straighten it (and that is NOT what I want to do).
And do you know how I got over it?
I rely on music heavily, to give me a perspective on things, to whisk me away or give me a 3 minute or so musical speech about how everything doesn’t seem that bad when it is.
This week, my album obsession has been “Title” by Meghan Trainor. “All about that Bass” is the one that’s been replaying on the radio but her album has so much more. It may consist of only 4 songs but all four have them kick a punch (especially, “Close your Eyes”) more than the albums that seem to drone on and on through 12-15 songs.
They all talk about denying social conventions, the right to suck us in and use us.
And you know what?
We won’t be sucked in.

Give the album a listen and at the same time, give “freemylttlewords” a read. It’s worth it. It’s down to earth and it’ll let you know, that everything will be alright.


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