Post Potter Depression

We’ve all heard of it. It’s something us, Potter-heads suffer A LOT.

It starts by a trigger – a passing mention, the book covers – then we think about the good times we had with them and then it evolves to something much deeper.
We want to be little again, pouring through pages of pages where Harry and Ron break the rules and Hermione scolds them.
I’ve starting reading the first book again and I’m filled with all this melancholic happiness because of the book’s sweet innocence and I remember why I’m such a HUGE fan.
It’s rare where there is a series like this that has impacted so many of our lives. Our childhood memories are waiting for the next book/movie and then disappearing into the books and the next day, your whole class will be talking about it – where are you up to? what about this part? what did you think? –
In conclusion,

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