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Bookish Kris Kringle

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Upcoming to Christmas and to further get into the Christmas Season, I am going to host a book version of Kris Kringle!

You should all know what Kris Kringle is, it’s another name for Secret Santa. According to Wikipedia, the definition is:
A tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift.
This version will be a teeny, tiny different.
If you would like to participate, please sign up on the form at the bottom. Please read the rules below, before signing up. The sign up cut-off date is December 14th.
You will be paired with someone who suits your postage preferences, you’ll give that person a book from their wishlist as a present and vica versa. After this date, in about a week or so, I will email all of you, your pair’s name, postage address, link to their Amazon or Goodreads wishlist and email address. Then it is up to you, to decide which book to send them as a Christmas surprise.
Please share the word about this event to your friends, family and random people you meet on the street. The bigger the better!

There are just a few guidelines:
1. The present MUST be a book from the other person’s wishlist.
2. You MUST send a book present to your pair. Please don’t back out and just receive a present from the other person. It’s not nice and it’s not part of the Christmas Spirit.
3. You can only sign up ONCE
4. Take note, that worldwide or interstate postage take a while (2-3 weeks) so send your present at a good time so that it will arrive around Christmas.
5. Please send your present with this logo on paper, card, anything, as long as this logo is there and so the person knows where the present has come from.
6. It is up to you to sort out everything with the other person via email.
7. Since I am not participating, only hosting, I ask that you please follow me. I’m not forcing you or anything, you don’t have to if you don’t want to but……pretty please.
8. HAVE FUN! This is supposed to be a fun event where everyone can enjoy Christmas and share their love for books, reading and fangirling.

If you have any queries and questions, please email me at:

SIGN UP HERE via this link or on the form below. Either way, your response is still submitted.
Remember: ONCE only.


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