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BOOK REVIEW: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella)

Before I begin this review, I would just like to let you all know that I’ve decided to change my rating system. The percentage system isn’t working for me and I realised last night that it is easier to rate a book through this system of 5 hearts, 4 hearts, 3 hearts, etc. I understand now why the majority of blogs use some form of this system. Let me know if you guys like this change or not.

Source: Penguin (THANK YOU!!!)
352 pages

AUD Retail Price: $19.99
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I had no idea GirlOnline would take off the way it has – I can’t believe I now have 5432 followers, thanks so much! – and the thought of opening up to you all about this is terrifying, but here goes…
Penny has a secret.
Under the alias GirlOnline, she blogs about school dramas, boys, her mad, whirlwind family – and the panic attacks she’s suffered from lately. When things go from bad to worse, her family whisks her away to New York, where she meets the gorgeous, guitar-strumming Noah. Suddenly Penny is falling in love – and capturing every moment of it on her blog.
But Noah has a secret too. One that threatens to ruin Penny’s cover – and her closest friendship – forever.

I was REALLY impressed with this book. I am now officially in love with it. It has a perfect balance of romance, friendship and family. I am impressed on how Zoe Sugg manages to write a fully swoon-worthy romance that isn’t overwhelming and also allowing room for Penny’s family and best friend, Elliot. Penny doesn’t neglect them because she’s head-over-heels with Noah. In fact, her romance with him compliments her family life and strengthens her friendship with Elliot. LOVED IT, highly recommended

My rating (first time using this system…eep!):

5 stars


The characters in this book are like one big WOW! At the beginning, Sugg’s writing is hesitant, slightly amateurish but she finds her ground and her pace and once that happens, the book unravels into something you can’t stay away from. I think Penny is a character, every teenage girl can relate to, she’s like the spokeswoman for us. I love the honesty of her blog – she doesn’t romanticize anything and everything is as it is. There is no beating about the bush. This book is so humorous especially at the beginning. The scene where she flashes to 300 people was hilarious. I feel bad for laughing so much but it was so funny! I loved how relateable she was, though. Her posts are great, they tackle issues that may seem minor to adults but mean so much to us. Issues like outgrowing your best friend and overcoming your fears. I loved that! Her blog is amazing, I actually want to see it. The success of it is incredible. By about the middle of the book, she has over 10 000 followers after about only a year. I must admit, I am a bit jealous . . .

Her friendship with Elliot is incredible. Throughout this book, I just wanted to give him the biggest hug ever! He’s so sweet and understanding, less understanding at the end of the book but he’s saved. He’s good. It took me a while to figure out he was gay. It takes me a while to figure these things out, you have spell it out to me.
Can we move on to Noah, now?
I LOVE HIM!!! He’s adorable and HOT and a musician and rich (well, he’s famous so he must be rich). While I was reading, I got that happy, giddy feeling when the romance is just perfect. And their romance is. I love how easy-going their conversations were and the way they clicked. I love how they were each other’s inciting incidents and the way they said they liked each other that it might have been love. What I really loved was how patient they with with their romance even though the writing of their relationship itself was quite fast-paced.

The family, they were all so awesome!
Ruby was so cute, can I have a sister that cute? Tom was so protective and caring, can I have a brother like that? Her parents are awesome and understanding. I enjoyed how each character contributed a unique part of Penny’s life. Her character development is admirable from a cautious, clumsy girl who doubts herself constantly to a girl who finds who she is while still holding that clumsy bit.

What did you guys think?

3 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella)

  1. I only read your first paragraph to avoid spoilers, but I’m so, so glad you enjoyed this one! Lots of people seem to be very happy with it. I’m so excited to read it as Zoe was the first youtuber I ever watched. 🙂


  2. I like this rating system! It is the one I use myself as well. I will say that this book has been revealed as ghost written now, which is a shame because it would’ve been nicer if Zoella had written it herself. Glad to know it is still a good read, though.


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