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Aussie YA Bloggers Secret Santa Blog Hop


As part of the Australian YA Bloggers & Readers Secret Santa Blog Hop, we want to know whether you’ve been a good or naughty blogger this year.

This blog hop is for the participants of the Aussie YA Bloggers Secret Santa list to help you find out more about your fellow santas and santees and hopefully find out who your santa is!

Questions: Have you been a good or naughty blogger this year?

  1. How are you going with your Goodreads challenge?
    Honestly, I haven’t even been keeping track. I don’t even remember deciding to do it. Sorry!
  1. How many times did you post per week on average? Do you think you’ll post more/less in the future?
    I post about 4-5 times a week. In the future, I think I’ll need to do more since every year, my TBR list grows and grows. And I’m a fast reader so the need to post a review will become more frequent and urgent.
  1. What is your Netgalley ratio?
    No idea. I have 3 books waiting for me to read and review on NetGalley but I just have no device to read them on. Yeah . . . .
  1. Have you been commenting on other blogs?
    YES! This is what I always make sure to do. If I don’t comment then, I like. I love commenting and replying back to comments. It’s awesome way to get to know other bloggers and share what you think.
  1. Did you read mostly review books or non-review books this year?
    I only started receiving review copies at the end of this year so definitely, non-review books. My bank account has shrinked dramatically thanks to books. But lately, I’ve been reviewing more review copies than non-review copies. Blogging is still new to me, I still have to find myself around things but my confidence is coming.
  1. What are your blogging goals for 2015?
    I have so many goals for blogging, so many! Here’s two:
    (a) Next year, sometime probably towards the end of 2015, I would like to start seIf-hosting. I feel like I’ll be able to have more freedom with how I want my blog and post to look if I self-host.
    (b) I need a schedule, like badly, very badly. I am so disorganised when it comes to blogging, reading and reviewing probably because I’m impatient and forgetful.Those two things don’t go together well. Hopefully, I actually stick to that schedule. That’s my New Years’ resolution, create a blogging schedule and STICK TO IT.
  1. What is your favourite blogging moment/achievement of 2014?
    Definitely, receiving my first review copy. It was from HarperCollins – In the Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken – I requested it and didn’t get a reply for about a month, so I thought I was rejected and I was upset. Then it pops up at my doorstep. I was like Oh My Freaking Gosh! It was surprising and definitely a highlight.
  1. Based on your answers above, do you think you’ve been a good or naughty blogger this year?
    Hahaha, I don’t know how to answer this question. I’m a really indecisive person.
    Does it count that if I say I’ve been a beginner blogger this year. Neither good or bad, just beginning.

3 Clues to who my Santee is

1. Your name reminds me of Les Miserables
2. The person who designed your blog is from overseas.
3. You have reviewed two books this month

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12 thoughts on “Aussie YA Bloggers Secret Santa Blog Hop

  1. Yay Faith, great to meet you! How exciting you got your first review copy it definitely is an exciting time. Self hosting is definitely one of the rewarding things you can do for your blog as well. You’ve made a fantastic start to blogging!


  2. Hi Faith!! So glad to have you join us with the Secret Santa, it’s so nice getting to know more people within the Aussie YA community. 😀

    I’m just like you and need to start a blogging schedule soon so I can keep up with all my posts. I’ve been posting sporadically this year (eep) so that’s one of my goals for 2015…to be more organised. Self-hosting is great, you definitely get more freedom, especially with your designs.

    I hope to see you around! And I have NO idea who your Santee is 😛 Your clues are hard hehe xx


    1. Aw! The Aussie Blogging community is so nice! I’m serious, they are like the nicest people on earth!
      Blogging schedules remind me of exam schedules, I don’t know if they’re the same, though. I really hope not.
      How do you get started on self-hosting? I’m on wordpress, at the moment so I have no idea. WordPress is starting to bug me because I feel so limited.
      Really? I thought my clues were easy! Everyone else’s clues were so vague so I was like “pfft, my clues seem obvious compared to this”.


  3. Hi Faith, thanks for the follow. Welcome to blogging. Sounds like you’ve done pretty well for your first year. Your blog looks great and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.
    I’ve been blogging for two years now and only just started a blog schedule in September.
    Good luck with your blog in the year to come 🙂


  4. Hi Faith! Sounds like you’ve had a great year in blogging 🙂 A schedule should help heaps – I don’t stick to mine that well but it does help me to keep track of my review books. Such great goals for next year! Best of luck with them 🙂


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