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My Bookshelf Problems

…………..I got 99 bookshelf problems and you won’t be one……………..

You got bookshelf problems, I got bookshelf problems, we all have bookshelf problems!

You go, James Franco!!!

These are mine . . .

Incomplete Series

I think we all have it. The series when we only have the first book or the last two books and ultimately we don’t own all the books in the series/trilogy. And every time we take a glance at the bookshelf – which we must admit is a lot of times – we mourn over those books. It just looks wrong.

photo 1 (1)The Divergent Trilogy

As you can see I have Divergent, Insurgent and Four: A Divergent Collection.
Can you guess which one I’m missing?
The problem with this one is that I can’t just go off and buy Allegient for two reasons. One, the Aussie covers are different and uglier. Two, I am planning to buy the Barnes and Noble Divergent Hardcover Box set one day because I lent Divergent and Insurgent to some friends and it didn’t come back the same. And, I don’t live in USA so I’ll have to pay for posting  which means it is time to get a job.

photo 2 (1)The Mortal Instruments Series

Here is another one . . .
The famous TMI series which I have read several times and loved as a younger teen.  As you can see I badly need City of Ashes and City of Lost Souls. Someday, they will be there. Someday . . .

photo 3 (1)The Infernal Devices Trilogy

Another Cassie Clare series which is AMAZING. This is embarrassing, I know. I only have the second book…..
One day, I will have Clockwork Angel and Princess and I’ll have total book domination!!!

photo 1Rainbow Rowell Books

This one’s not so much a series but the books by Rainbow Rowell. I have them all except for my favourite: Fangirl. I can’t just have these three and not have Fangirl, it kills me!
I absolutely need Fangirl! I have a sacred spot saved just for that beloved.

photo 4 (1)Heroes of Olympus

Guys, there it is! I have all of Percy Jackson and the last book of HoO. You know what I need………
The problem is these books are expensive and huge!

photo 5Angelfall

Another book I need but this time I haven’t read the book. World After is the second book to Angelfall which is about a post-apocalyptic world with Angels and very few humans. I am very anxious to read book 2.

photo 4Narnia Chronicles

This one probably bugs me the most. I bought the Narnia Chronicles at a fair, thinking it was a complete set. Man, I was excited. These books played a part of my childhood and I was so happy.
“Yay, I have them all and only for $1!”
Then, back home I realise that I’m missing Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I felt so cheated! *Sobs*
What’s even worst is that because this edition is so old, it’s going to be incredibly hard to find Dawn Treader with the same cover and everything. If I ever do buy it, it just won’t fit in!!!

There is it, everyone!!! MY BOOK PROBLEMS.
Feel free to comment below and tell me if you suffer from these problems, as well. I know you do.



6 thoughts on “My Bookshelf Problems

  1. OMG the sizing problem/different covers bother me sooo much!! I hate the cover changes depending on region, it makes book buying so difficult. And the sizes gaaah! So sorry to hear that your Narnia set isn’t complete, that absolutely SUCKS. I love love love that series and have it in bind up. Your version looks stunning though, maybe try looking for them in used bookstores?

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  2. Definitely! I have the same problem with Clockwork Prince, I still need the 1st and the 3rd to have the complete set! *sigh* I really want them but…no money unless you count the spare change I have…*sobs* I also have the whole series of Fallen by Lauren Kate except for the last one and with Hush, Hush too! Why? WHY? *sobbing on the floor* #booknerdproblems

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  3. Mine is not having enough shelf space! I also rarely buy the first book in a series because I want to be sure I am going to like it. I usually get book one in the library, like it, and order book 2. I have books 3, 4, 5, 6 in the Gone series, and books 2 and 3 in the Hunger Games series. I think you get my point. Seeing as I am more keen on buying books for myself that I was before, you can bet I do buy series now. I have all of Percy Jackson, and that makes me happy 😀

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