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Insurgent Trailer is Out!!!!!!!!!!


The Insurgent Trailer is out!!!

Not what I was expecting. It did provoke a lot of feels but I also noticed a lot of differences. The weird box that Jeanine is supposingly testing Divergents with is very strange. It almost feels like this “box” is some sort of ancient relic that’s supposed to unlock the secret of the Divergents. I don’t remember that happening. It also seems like Fourtris is having some sexytimes but that only happens in the 3rd book and honestly, I don’t want that happening in this movie because Insurgent is supposed to concentrate on the stress and mistrust of their relationship. They have to solve their issues first before they can get busy. This is why it happens in Allegient.
I’m really scared now that this movie won’t live up to my expectations since Divergent was breathtaking. But I’m reassuring myself that I can’t assume so many things from a 2 minute trailer.

What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Insurgent Trailer is Out!!!!!!!!!!

  1. The first thing I thought was ‘Tris cut her hair!’ I totally forgot about this happening.
    And then when I saw them kissing I was thinking the same as you. I’ll have to re-read this book before the movie because I can’t remember that much. But the movie looks action packed and hopefully it won’t stray too much from the book.

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