Writing is HARD!

So, I’m an aspiring writer. I think most readers are. We want to be able to do the same things that make us happy and also do something that has the same effect on other people. We want to give back what we have received.

I don’t have a lot of time to write during school time because of assessments, homework and day to day school troubles and business. So since I am on summer holidays, I have promised myself to get started on the novel idea that has been sitting around in my head. I missed out on this year’s NaNoWriMo because of school and exams so summer holidays is what I’m set on. And since I’ve got busy with it, I have discovered that it is DAMN HARD. It is not only difficult it is very, very, very, very difficult. So difficult that I could add at least 200 more “very” to get close to how hard it is.
I’m trying and that is what counts, right?

Writing is something I cannot do something myself. I’ve realised that I need another person to give me advice and criticism. But with that, I need to be able to have the bravery to show people what I’ve written. I am terrified of people reading my work, I’m scared about how bad it is, if people will like it and what’s wrong with it. It’s all these anxieties that circle around my head all the time, every time I start to put words together. I read somewhere (I don’t remember where) that writing starts with the courage to show people what you’ve got. I guess, that’s true.

So, I need all of you. I’ll start posting some of my chapters, sometimes not even a full chapter, maybe like a half or a quarter. This is hard for me to take this step. I am so terrified to do this, at the moment.
So I’m saying this: Please read it and please be honest about it. If it’s horrible, tell me but also tell me what I need to improve on and why.
I don’t have a title. Maybe when I do end up finishing this first draft, you can all help me come up with a title.

Here goes. I’m crossing my fingers.

Thank you, everyone. I mean it, thank you so much!



11 thoughts on “Writing is HARD!

  1. Congrats on having the courage to post a chapter! I remember how worried I was when I finally posted it up. And then no one commented…

    I used to think the rough draft was the hardest part of writing. hahaha I wish! Oh how naive I was.

    Your story sounds a lot like a fairy tale. Is this the prologue? That’s what it felt like. You have an interesting concept. I like things that deal with mythology and gods. Is the Darkness’ patron going to be the main character? I hope so. (Sorry if I got the terminology wrong)

    Also, you have one of the same bad habits I did, repeating words. Like “Above the kingdom of Maloria, the Gods lived above, ”

    Nice start. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the advice!
      I do tend to repeat words, thank you for pointing that out.
      Yes, I am planning for the patron to be the main character. It is kind of fairytalk-ish but I’ve planned it to be fantasy.
      Thank you so much, once again!


  2. Hi Faith.

    You are very brave sharing this online, especially a first draft! I wouldn’t dare show anyone my work at least before the second draft because my first drafts are always so terrible!

    I really like the concept of your book and I think it has real potential. This does feel more like a prologue than a first chapter. It’s a little heavy too, by that I mean it has a lot of information crammed into it. You have a lot of telling going on and I think this could be fleshed out a bit more and a little more showing added to break it up a bit.
    With editing I think this will be a great story.

    Have you heard of Fiction University, blog of writer Janice Hardy? It has a large archive of blog posts to help writers improve their writing (and it’s all free) I love this blog and it has really helped my own writing. You can check it out here http://blog.janicehardy.com/


    1. I checked out the blog you mentioned, it’s amazing. It has everything and it’s all in depth. It has all the answers to my writing questions! Thank you so much for it!
      Thank you so much for your advice, as well. I’m really conflicted if that beginning should be taken out and revealed bit by bit throughout the book or I just change it to a prologue.
      Thank you so much, once again!


      1. I’m glad I can help. I tell any writer who will listen about Fiction University because of it’s pure awesomeness.
        I think it would work well as a prologue, it just needed a bit of tightening and maybe some rearranging of the sentences, in my opinion. Just go with your gut. It does sound like it is going to be a great story.


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