I Wrote a Synopsis!

I finally got around to writing a synopsis for the first draft I’m currently writing.
Is it too soon?
I don’t know, I just felt that a blurb would help me keep in track with the actual plot of the story.

Here it is:

Raven Whitethorn is Fear’s patron maid. Her face is feared and she has no control of what she can or can’t do. So far, she has lived a quiet, country with her mother and her best friend, Aramis; the only two people who aren’t afraid of her.
But one day, Queen Catalina of Maloria requests her presence and her peaceful life is no more.

Queen Catalina has just been crowned queen. She doesn’t know what to do. At eighteen, her advisers are pressuring her to marry and there are rising conflicts in her kingdom that she must to settle. But what worries her the most is the rising darkness in the Rumbling Mountains. Stories of unearthly screams, missing women and children and a harrowing monster being spawned by blood. She requests Raven Whitethorn for her help against the pleas of her advisers.
What comes afterward is a story of adventure, acceptance and perhaps, love.

Prologue is here
Chapter 1 is here
Chapter 2 is here


5 thoughts on “I Wrote a Synopsis!

  1. It’s never too soon to write a synopsis, I say. You can always change it later if your story ends up changing. I really like the sound of this and look forward to reading more. I don’t have the time to read your chapters today but I hope to read them soon 🙂


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