Writing is HARD – Day 3


It’s Day 3 . .  and honestly, I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far ’cause I have a very short attention span.

By everyone’s advice, Chapter 1 seems more like a prologue so a prologue, it is! So note, chapter 1 is a prologue.

You know when writing advisers say that your first draft is going to be horrible? I understand that now.

Yesterday was probably my best writing day since I got two chapters done. Is that good? There are probably writers out there who get their whole novel done in two days. Actually, I just found out today that Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer got NaNoWriMo done in 5 days!!! I repeat, 5 days! That is amazing!

So, here is Chapter 2 (also chapter 3 because chapter 1 is a prologue, remember?)

Chapter 2

Chapter 1 (also chapter 2 cuz of that chapter/prolouge change) is here

Prologue (chapter 1) is here

Advice – come all…



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