Wattpad – It was Love at First Sight (Day 4)

I think I’m a little late with using Wattpad. I’m probably one of the lasts ones. But this didn’t affect how much

I love Wattpad, now! It took me a while to get used to it and find all the buttons but its all good now. Just uploaded the chapters I’ve done and voila, its done. I’ve  always been the fanfic girl but I need a long break from it. I just finished my TMI story and whew, it was stressful!

So Day 4, it was good. It was hard (as always) and yeah….
I spent the majority of the day planning it scene by scene. I’ve never really been the planner when I write, I just normally dive into it and see what comes. What normally happens is I’ll eventually get stumped. Bummer

Now, if you want, you can read my story on Wattpad here. Instead of me having to link everything chapter by chapter

Thanks so much Rochelle @ Inside my Worlds for everything and also to Olivia @ Olivia’s Catastrophe!

Another day gone . . .

Guys, I also have my MacDonalds job interview, today. The nerves in my stomach are raging. Wish me luck! And if you’d like to share any tips, I would LOVE you FOREVER!



3 thoughts on “Wattpad – It was Love at First Sight (Day 4)

  1. No problem, Faith 🙂 You are doing so great. Writing regularly is one of the hardest parts, so keep it up.

    I have been thinking about using Wattpad myself lately. I recently started publishing on my blog episodes of a book I am writing specifically for my blog, so I’m thinking I should just put it on Wattpad since I’m putting it up on my blog anyway.

    Good luck with your interview, I hope you get it!


    1. Thanks so much!
      Oooo, can you link me to your story, please?

      You should use Wattpad, I love it because it’s quite easy to use and you can see what people think of your story and how many people have read it.
      I was debating between Wattpad and Fictionpress since I use the fanfic version of fictionpress but when I went to the Wattpad website, it struck me as looking more professional so I went with it.


      1. I’m glad you said it was easy to use, that’s important. One of my biggest worries though is putting a book cover up. I wouldn’t know how to make a cover for a book.

        And here is the link to my story. It is a YA sci-fi. This is the first episode:

        And in case you want to read more (but please don’t feel like you have too if it’s not really your thing) here is the link to the latest episode, episode 6, which has the links to episodes 2-5 at the start:



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