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Writing is HARD – Part 5 and 6. The Boxing Day Special

I skipped some days, I know. Blame Christmas and a pile of very good books but I dragged myself onto the computer and opened my Word document. It’s been hard, I can tell you. So many distractions with so many things to do. It’s all so damn hard! I’ve heard so much advice that writing the first draft is definitely not the hardest part, the editing and
re-writing is. So far, I don’t understand that. Writing the first draft is still the hardest part to me.

Also, the Book Outlet sale is calling to me but my parents don’t want me to spend anymore money on books. What I’ve been planning is buying those books waiting for me on my cart and then that’s it! I’m going cold turkey! No more buying books until my bank account re-fills a bit more. I got a job at Maccas so till my account reaps the benefits of that job, cold turkey it is. But, my parents still refuse. Why? I just . . . this book outlet sale comes once in a lifetime. They’re already cheap and an extra 50% off, I’m speechless!
It’s times like these that I wished I was old enough to shop online, myself.

Anyway, you can read Queen of Fear now updated here


3 thoughts on “Writing is HARD – Part 5 and 6. The Boxing Day Special

      1. I was the same for such a long time and I still don’t like to take breaks for more then a day or two at a time, but it’s good to have a break now and again.


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