What To Do On A Reading Slump.

So I’m currently on a reading slump. Why? I have absolutely no idea and if you share the same problems with me, here are a few pointers which I heavily rely on.

1) Pinterest and Tumblr.
This pretty much means to surf on any of these websites on any fandom awesomeness. They always help. It helps you get that reading feel back when you remember all the feels that used to torture you. Fanart, fandom memes – they get to you –

2) Fanfiction
You probably don’t feel like starting something new; having to attach yourself to new characters, ships and conflicts. You then turn to beloved Fanfiction where you can just reminisce on the good ol’ times. I recommend anything light and fluffy

3) Sleep
It always works

4) Eat
It always works

That’s really all I have. As you can see, I’m not an expert at this but this is what helps. Especially the eating part.
I feel hungry now….


15 thoughts on “What To Do On A Reading Slump.

  1. Oh, the dreaded book slump. I was in one at the start of the year too after trying to read a few books and having no luck with any of them. I found just rereading an old favourite helped me get back into it. Alice in Wonderland is always a winner. Do you have a tried and tested favourite that you can turn to?

    Fanfic is a good idea. I might try that next time I find myself in a slump. Hopefully you find a way out of yours soon. Thanks for sharing Faith ❤

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  2. I get reading slumps ALL THE TIME. I don’t use Pinterest and Tumblr often, but I know lots of people do to get their fandom fix. 🙂 Fanfiction’s more for me. I read fluffy stories and angsty ones. ^_^ YES to sleep and eating as well. 😛

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings


  3. I have never been in a reading slump before D: I don’t know whyyy. Sometimes when I have a long book I don’t feel like trudging through it much, so I pick up an extra book in between, and get back to it! But I am usually reading three at a time so I have enough variety and never get bored. Regardless, these look like some good tips!

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  4. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a reading slump. Sometimes I just don’t feel like reading, so I don’t. I won’t force myself to read. I do it because I enjoy it.
    And if I’m reading a bad book, I stop and read something else instead. Life’s too short for sucky books.
    But I like your tips (:

    – Love, Felicia


  5. Definitely sleeping! I find that a lot of times, when I am in a slump, it is partly because I am just so drained in general, so sleeping helps for sure. And I always watch TV if I don’t feel like reading. Something about just mindlessly staring clears my mind and seems to make me ready for more books! Good luck, hope your slump ends soon!

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