My Love for Rainbow Rowell


So it’s midnight and I can’t sleep because a) I’m a teenager and b) that automatically means I’m an insomniac. So I start to scan my bookshelf for something to re-read to a) get me off my reading slump and b) because Kelly @ Diva Booknerd gave me some fantastic advice about it. My eyes land on my Rainbow Rowell collection and something in my head just dings in response. I feel like reading Fangirl but I unfortunately and ashamedly don’t own a copy of it. *sobs* My eyes hit Eleanor and Park but thinking about it, I don’t feel like a tragic love story and a hanging ending. Attachments: hmmm, don’t really feel like reading emails. Landline, BINGO!

I start to read Landline and guess what?! I re-read the entire thing in one whole sitting, finishing at 3am (yes, I am a very fast reader). I’ve reviewed this book before but I have re-discovered my love for Rainbow Rowell’s writing. Her characters are so real, her romances are so real, the troubles are so real. Everything is down-to-earth real. And I absolutely, positively love it with every fiber of fangirl in me. I lovedin Landline that Georgie doesn’t give up on her marriage but saves it. 50% of marriages fail. That statistic has probably risen by now so it makes me so happy that Rowell wrote about a character that tries to make her marriage last.

I love Rainbow Rowell and I am proud to announce it.




7 thoughts on “My Love for Rainbow Rowell

  1. I’d love to read more Rainbow Rowell books! I thought Eleanor and Park was amazing and I feel like I need to read Fangirl but I just need something to push me to read it. Who knows, maybe this post is it? Great post by the way, are you going to read that Simon Snow book she is apparently going to be releasing?

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    1. I think I will pick up Simon Snow. I don’t know if I’ll enjoy it because it’s close to Harry Potter and Harry Potter alikes don’t do well with me. But who knows, ts Rainbow Rowell. She’ll pull it off. Pick up Fangirl now!


  2. I am glad you were able to use her book to break out of your reading slump! I have never read a book by Rowell but am seriously interested in doing so, so this sounds like something right up my street! I think I will start with Landline because a book focusing on marriage sounds intriguing.

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