NEW ground: Script Writing

Hi Everyone!

I just finished marathoning the Mara Dyer series, I’m still in a bit of a daze but I’ll be alright. Just another book (series) hangover. *shrugs*

So I’ve just finished doing a 3 day course at AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School) and I loved it. My familiar writing ground has always been novel writing and my mum put me in this course to help me with creative writing. It did definitely help! Thanks Mum. *wink*

Screen writing is very different to prose-writing. It was really insightful to see the development it takes to write a film than give it to director. I read a couple of scripts for movies like Finding Nemo and Toy Story and you would be so surprised how the script is translated on screen. The writing is very visual and descriptive. The aim is really to allow the audience to imagine a visual image but in the form of words. It’s like normal writing but it’s so different as well. I attempted to write a screen play for the first time. It’s only a short film about a small boys from a rich family whose parents neglect him meeting an elderly, dying man. It’s was new and exciting ground!

During the 3 days, I met heaps of people. They were so creative and talented! I felt like I was in a room with Australia’s future famous writers. I loved it so much! I really do recommend this course. It’s Writing A Short Film, it’s only every summer, though. But they do, do other courses during other school holidays. I’m definitely going to be attending another one of their courses. I learnt so much and met new people.

I learnt something new!


3 thoughts on “NEW ground: Script Writing

  1. Oh wow, screen writing is definitely taking things into a different direction. I have never really tried venturing into that before but you probably know what you are doing because you took a whole course in it! I hope you enjoy doing so 🙂

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