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EARLY Review: Soul Print by Megan Miranda

 Alina Chase has spent her entire life in confinement. With the science of soul-  printing now a reality, she is ‘protected’ for her own safety – and the safety of  others – because her soul has done terrible things …or so she’s told. When  Alina finally breaks out of prison, helped by a group of people with unclear  motives, she begins to uncover clues left by her past life that only she can  decipher. And she may not be as innocent as she once believed. Can Alina  change her future, or is she fated to repeat her past and face the  consequences?


Source: Bloomsbury Australia (BIG THANKS)
Release Date: 12th February 2015 

368 Pages

My Rating

Woah. This book pleasantly surprised me. The plot was action-packed, I did not want to kill the main protagonist (which had strangely been happening to me) and the pacing and writing kept me on the edge of my seats. Yay!

I was a bit skeptical going into this book probably because of the cover but when I got into it; man, did it get interesting. The heroine, Alina was normal. She wasn’t illogical, annoying, frustrating or just plainly stupid. In fact, I was able to easily relate to her. I loved how stubborn she was about what she believed in and the lengths she would go to prove her and her loved one’s freedom and innocence. The romance was also well done. It wasn’t too overwhelming and it left room for for the main story line to progress. But also, at the same time, the romance wasn’t too insignificant or something that was just thrown in. Everything was well balanced. Cameron is a great love interest, he gives her room and they make each other better. Funnily, as the very beginning, I thought he was with Casey and I was totally loving their romance.  I was like, “They’re so cute!” Then I found out that they were siblings and I was like “oh”. It didn’t take long for me to shrug off and ship him with Alina.

So Alina’s former “soul” is June whose some sort of famous criminal (similar to Ned Kelly) and because of that, Alina has been contained in case she becomes violent like her former self. I know this concept is very confusing. I actually had to put the book down and figure it out to myself, out loud. This is what I came up with:
There is a soul and a body.
In this book, we’re talking about the soul. The spirit. The very essence for you.
When a person dies, the body dies but the soul doesn’t.
The soul doesn’t die but the essence of the person dies and a new person is reborn in that very same soul.
Confusing? I know, I think very deep and meaningful thoughts. I really hope that was correct because if it isn’t, not only is that embarrassing but that means I’ve been reading this book wrong. I really hope not.

So Alina’s locked up because everyone seems to think she’ll go crazy because her previous self went crazy. Of course, Alina is angry and determined to prove that she is her own self. GO GIRL! With the help of a couple of strangers and a guy with anger problems, she manages to escape and from there, it is up to her to figure out why she was being locked up and what June actually did. Cue plot twists, conspiracies and awesomeness. No spoilers.

The characters in this book were great. Other than Alina, June still had a strong voice in this novel even when we don’t actually physically see her. We only ever see her, through the thoughts and words of Alina. Which was better than you would actually think. First, Alina resents her for being the reason for her incarceration and as the book progresses so does Alina’s view of June. I loved how open-minded Alina was. She still listened to other people while also keeping in mind her own opinions and thoughts. She was kind yet also bad-ass. She was right-minded and she was not useless. At the beginning she was slightly but that was only because she couldn’t swim. She’s smart, independent and not a dumb idiot.

I love Miranda’s writing. It’s straight-forward, logical, easy to follow and suspenseful. The pacing is great. I was kind of hoping throughout this book that this book wouldn’t be a series because dystopian series/trilogies require so much energy but when the book ended, I regretted those thoughts. I totally just want another book following the aftermath and Cameron and Alina’s relationship.

Great book! It’s a pleasant read. It isn’t too intense for a dystopian which is quite refreshing if you’re just coming out of a book hangover (like me) and you still want something to occupy your mind. Miranda’s an awesome writer and her characters are fantastic, they’re funny and have a lot of sides to them which can be investigated. I’m looking forward to her future novels.

Disclaimer: My reviews are 100% honest, no matter if the book had been provided by a publisher, author or purely bought.



9 thoughts on “EARLY Review: Soul Print by Megan Miranda

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said! This book has a lot of positives. Like you, I thought Cameron and Casey were together too! I was glad that they weren’t though, because I liked him from the start 🙂 Great review!

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  2. Ooh, so regretting not requesting this one myself! This sounds like a really solid and unique story. I’m looking forward to reading it one day. Love your new siggy, too. 🙂

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  3. Ooh I am glad this was a book where the main character was to your liking, especially as you haven’t read enough good ones like this lately. I like the idea of this book. It makes me think of a question I stumbled upon a while ago: are we to blame for our choice of actions or is it all set in our DNA beforehand?

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