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BLOG TOUR: The Necromancer by Alex Stargazer

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 The Necromancer (Linaera the Great, Book #1)

 By Alex Stargazer

 Genre: Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Young Adult

‘I am Neshvetal. My name carries the bitter taste of death; my magic brings it to my enemies;  and my laughter sings with the howling wind.’

From ice and fire he was born; but death is his master now. His children—decaying and sadistic, merciless and cruel—smile as they grow ever more.

The Dead are rising. Will you join them?

A tale about death and life, magic and ordinary people; the Necromancer is a story for the brave and the strong of heart. Read it—if you dare. For it is often in the darkest times, in which the heroes emerge…



 Hello! I’m called Alex Stargazer. That’s not my real name. And no: I’m not going to tell you. I like a little  mystery.

What I will tell you: I’m sixteen. I have a passion for fantasy; and a soft spot for romance. I like to write  about anything fantastical (elves are a favourite; dragons too) and my favourite book’s either Narnia or  Northern Lights—never could decide, poor vacillating me.

Anyway: give my stuff a read. You might like it. No, really; I got fans. (If you listen carefully at night, you’ll hear them whispering my name. They’re shy, are my fans; but they’re a determined lot.)

PS: if you want to know more, email me at Yes, the address is deliberately long; I don’t like stalkers. They scare me.





I have to say that this book was very different. I guess I enjoyed the story and what was happening. I enjoyed the deep fantasy aspect of the book and that this world had it’s own rules but reading this book, I felt very detached. I’ve only just realised that 3rd person “God type” or unlimited narration doesn’t work with me because of that very reason. I feel too detached from the story, itself. I’m not a part of it, it’s more like I’m just watching it unfold in front of me.

Nonetheless, I did appreciate how sophisticated the writing style is. Before reading, I found out that Stargazer actually wrote this book when he was thirteen. Man, reading this made me feel so much like an underachiever. He’s sixteen with a published book that’s so sophisticated, I felt like I was reading Shakespeare. And here I am, fifteen years old, most of the time cooped up in my room either on the computer, reading or crazily dancing. Yup. Underachiever.

Anyway, back to the sophistication.
This book is so carefully and meticulously written and structured. I’m mostly talking about the writing style itself. The language it uses is so descriptive and atmospheric, it creates such a vivid fantasy world. A fantasy world that is so completely different. There are a lot of fantasy books out there which are very similar to the Middle Ages so instead of feeling fantastical, it just feels historic. This novel was in itself, a completely different world with it’s own rules. There were a lot of times where I felt I was in the middle of Middle Earth and looking back onto it, The Necromancer is written similarly to Tolkien’s style.

While this book was written so well, the character development and intricate voice was lacking. Because I was so detached from the book, each character kind of blurred together for me. The only character which stood out from the rest was definitely the Necromancer because of his strong voice and determination. Throughout this book, the Necromancer’s motivation and person desires was very significant. In this book, he’s this all-powerful magician whose never been defeated by anyone before. No one’s power has come close so he’s voice in this book is very strong because of his compelling role. Everyone else, though didn’t really stand out to me.

I did enjoy the plot of the book. It was kind of like The Fellowship of the Ring where the Fellowship is travelling except in this book, there’s a group of highly talented, teenage magicians (called Mages). I do enjoy deep fantasy books a lot but this was an “okay” read for me. I neither liked it or disliked it. If you enjoyed A Song of Ice and Fire and any of Tolkien’s books then this is a definite read for you.

Disclaimer: My reviews are 100% honest whether they’ve been provided by a publisher, author or purely bought.



3 thoughts on “BLOG TOUR: The Necromancer by Alex Stargazer

  1. I always love a good fantasy as well. It’s a shame that you couldn’t connect with the main character and felt like they were a bit too detached from the rest of the story for you :/ I am not a fan of the God type style writing either, so I think I have to pass up on this,

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