E-book Libraries vs Actual Libraries


Does your e-book library count?

That’s my question of the day.

It all started like this:

I’m taking a break from re-reading The One by Kiera Cass which I am reading on my iPhone because I just need to breath and calm down my fangirling nerves plus, my eyes need a rest. So I start staring at my piles of books that don’t have a room on my shelf because that’s what book nerds do, we stare at our bookshelf in our free time.
And BOOM! It comes to mind. Do all the book I have on iBooks count?

And do they really????

I don’t use my iPhone to read that frequently because I am just getting into this zone. Reading on a device is so much harder and longer for me because I’m not fully into the book. I’m still aware of my surroundings; the TV in the background, my brothers shouting and laughing. Don’t know why that’s just me. And if I’m honest, I don’t really enjoy reading on my iPhone but I have to admit I have a lot of books on my iBook library that I absolutely need to power through.

Back to the question itself.

Do those books really count into your library?

If you look at this objectively then yes, of course. A book is a book no matter if it’s an electronic version or a paperback version. They all count because no matter what, they’re still books. They’re still stories that need to be read and enjoyed (or not)

But then, I look but at my physical shelf, again and wonder……
Does it really count if it isn’t physical? Nobody really sees the books I have on iBooks and most of the books I have on that, I haven’t even read either and I talk about them even less then I’m supposed to.

I guess the argument for “yes” makes much more sense.


I’d really love your opinion!



8 thoughts on “E-book Libraries vs Actual Libraries

  1. If I’m honest I don’t count my e-books when I’m thinking about books in my library. I don’t read that many e-books because I prefer the experience of holding a paperback in my hand. I do technically count though.

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  2. This is a pretty good question. In my mind it doesn’t because I have so many ebooks and don’t even know the titles of most of them, but I know the titles of my books, so. And yes, ebooks are still technically a book so they SHOULD, theoretically count. But then again, I am buying my favourite ebooks in paperback. So I guess my answer is a no even though I don’t agree with that answer?

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  3. I like E-Books because “I like to recycle because it’s good for the environment.”!!!

    But then again I love to have the hard cover books because they are really great investments and cool to read

    I am going to build one of these for me and my son

    Copy link into google !!!

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