Yes, I Changed My Look AGAIN

Screenshot (4)

You probably noticed that I changed the theme on my blog, again.

My indecisiveness is showing, isn’t it? Guys, if you’re annoyed at this, just tell me.

I just felt like I wanted something different and now, it looks better (to me), not perfect but better.

I still have that dream of self-hosting and designing my blog EXACTLY as I want it to. I’m just waiting till I can afford that $99 per year WordPress Premium and for Creative Whim to custom design and install a design for me which will be an extra $300.

Wish me luck on that!



7 thoughts on “Yes, I Changed My Look AGAIN

  1. Ooh I really like the theme you have right now, girl! Also, moving to self-hosted is a good idea! It’s a bit pricey, but in the end, it’s so worth it. Have you thought about other designers btw? Ashley @ Creative Whim is excellent, but there are so many other designers you might wanna check out like Stay Bookish or Butterfly o Meter Designs or Just Peach?

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  2. Self hosting was the best decision I made, I hope you get to do it soon Faith! I bought a Creative Whim theme for like $10 and I basically tweak it to how I like it, it’s so handy I love it so much! I like your new look, but totally know what you mean about wanting that ‘perfect’ one where you know you that’s it, I don’t want to ever change it again!


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