Thank you so much to Alex @ Simply 20’s Life for nominating me!
I am ready for this challenge! *crack knuckles*

Wait, firstly the rules (sorry):

1. Add the Liebster Award Logo to announce your nomination (check)

2. In your post, link the person who nominated you (check)

3. Answer the 10 questions they came up with for you and think of another 10 for those who are going to nominate.

4. Nominate 8-10 blogs and link them for their turn!

MWA HA HA HA! Time for the action!

1. What do you consider your strongest personal quality?

We’re going deep and meaningful guys and because I have no idea, I am going to take advantage of Google and take a quiz.
According to the test I did here which may or may not be reliable, it is my sense of humor! Which I guess is correct because I’m always joking around both sarcastically and stupidly.

2. If you could wake up in the morning in the body of someone else, who would it be and what would you do?

You wanted honesty.
I would wake up in the body of the richest guy in the world. Buy all the books I’ve ever wanted, bring them to my bedroom in my real house. After my escapade, I would wake up in my own awesome body the next day with all the books I’ve ever wanted to buy right there in my room!

Pretty cool, eh?

3. What are your favorite websites to visit?

Easy, blogs.

4. What is your favourite music?

Ooooo, that’s a hard one.
I literally listen to anything. My favourite are kind of something along the lines of alternative/indie/rock/country. I love Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Brooke Fraser, Florence and the Machine, Echosmith, Oh Honey and Carrie Underwood. I just generally love music! I mean, who doesn’t?!

5. If you could only keep 5 possessions, what would it be?

a) My whole library (that only counts as one! And no, that’s not cheating! ….I think…..)
b) A wand (because I could literally do unlimited things with one)
c) All the food in the world (that also only counts as one)
d) My bed (yup)
e) My laptop (my pretty)

6. Who do you admire?

I admire a lot of people. My dad, my mum, authors and writers in general, Emma Watson, bloggers. A LOT OF PEOPLE!

7. What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?

Mine’s more like a skill, I wish I was born with.
Drawing because I would love to be able to draw so detailed and intrinsically. That would be amazing, to create something as beautiful as art on a canvas.
And also to burp the alphabet because I’m immature like that and I think it’s pretty cool.


8. What is something that always cheers you up?

Reading, Rebel Wilson, music and Youtube.

These 4 things will always keep me away from the deep end.

9. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

Ox Tongue. It’s not bad but the texture, man is just foul. It’s chewy and furry and it took me so much effort to swallow that thing down. I don’t recommend it unless you like furry, leathery textures.

10. If you could visit anywhere and anytime in the world, where and when would it be.

America, 1950’s. It sounds like an awesome party era since it was after WWII and it seems like the whole world was celebrating.
If that doesn’t work out, definitely Jane Austen Era in England.


1. Apple or Windows? I must know!!!

2. Which book really drove you into reading?

3. First YA book you ever read?

4. The classic you would recommend to anyone and everyone?

5. How tall are you?

6. If you could pick any book character to be, who would it be and why?

7. Choose one: The Doctor, Sherlock or Spencer Reid (from Criminal Minds)? And why?

8. If you could have any occupation in the world, what would it be and why?

9. Blogging goals for 2015?

10. Favourite TV show?

THE LUCKY DUCKS (who I nominate)

Aasma @ Infinity Reads

Chrissi @ Chrissi Reads

Lola @ Hit or Miss Books

Ashley @ WordweHeart

Leannaatc @ ShortStoryLong

Merin @ Read and Reviewed

There you go!

Hope you enjoyed that one!




  1. I don’t normally do those kinds of tags but, since I know you, sure, as soon as I can 🙂 hahaah, I think I’d like to wake up as Magnus Bane someday or, BETTER, Alec Lightwood! So I can be like the in-between downworlders and shadowhunters ahahah

    Anyway, loved reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg when you said tongue i was like “whose tongue?”…I’m such an idiot. But I like eating it cuz its one of those textures I’m not sure about…and yes you definitely are sarcastically funny! Thanks for the Nom! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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