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BLOG HOP: Gayle Forman Interview

(‘Hello Everyone’, to those of you who need to get out more)

So the Aussie YA bloggers got the awesome chance to read and review I WAS HERE by Gayle Forman two months ago. The book info and my review is here. If you’re not bothered to read it (and I completely understand), all you need to know is: I LOVED IT.

 And also heaps of thanks to Simon and Schuster we also got the chance to each ask Ms Forman a question!!!!!

So here’s my spot.
My question was really brief and simple but I was really curious.


Follow the schedule:
I was lucky last but that doesn’t mean you can read everyone else’s questions *wink*.

Monday 2nd: Eugenia @ Genie in a Book
Tuesday 3rd: Kelly @ Diva Booknerd 
Wednesday 4th: Nara @ Looking for the PanaceaMyra @ Pieces of Whimsy
Thursday 5th: Jeann @ Happy Indulgence
Friday 6th: Joy @ Thoughts By J
Saturday 7th: Kiah @ Forever KiahFaith @ Fangirl World

The full interview will be posted tomorrow here.

HEAPS OF THANKS to Joy, Kelly and Simon and Schuster for organising something so exciting and huge!



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