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BOOK REVIEW: Resonance by Celine Kiernan

What does it mean to be alive? What is it worth to stay alive?

Ireland, 1890: two ruthless immortals prowl the theatre district in search of food for their ‘Angel’. Ancient, pitiless and caring for none but their own twisted family, they will stop at nothing to maintain their grip on life.

A seamstress, the young man who loves her and a penniless American magician soon find themselves imprisoned in a snow-bound country estate, the latest additions to the family’s warped collection. Here, they are nothing but food, nothing but entertainment, and soon they will be nothing at all.

Far from their homes and fighting for survival, Tina, Joe and Harry will come to understand that far more is at stake than their lives.

A rich and provocative feat of the imagination from the creator of the Moorehawke Trilogy

Source: Allen & Unwin Australia. THANK YOU for giving me a chance!
452 pages

My Rating

coral4 - CROPPED

The announcement of Kiernan’s new book literally sent me flailing. I loved her Moorehawke Trilogy, its world-building and its intricate characters that when I heard of Resonance I was beyond happy. Unfortunately, I was slight let down.
Despite my ‘mind blowing’ expectations, I still really enjoyed this book. I blame my hectic couple of weeks for dragging me away from really getting into this book but I still managed to get through it.

The idea surrounding this book I must admit was incredibly original and something only a creative mind like Kiernan could come up with. A bizarre, kind of creepy immortal family lock up their ‘angel’ for reasons that I will not spoil. This family travels to a theatre group to audition people for their show when in reality they are looking for people to entertain and feed their angel. This was quite a creepy undergoing and I felt that this was the first part of the book. The second part was Tina, Joe and Harry actually arriving to the creepy family’s house and all the events surrounding that. The first part in my opinion was very dragged along. It could’ve been hurried up a bit more though it did have the role of building up Tina, Harry and Joe as characters but I did still find myself slightly bored through some parts. The second part was when things started to pick up but as they begun to pick, so did my confusion. I wasn’t overly confused but I was enough to lose a bit of my bearings.

As always, Kiernan’s characters are each are very unique from each other and from other YA books. Because they’re all from the 19th century, I did appreciate the fact that Kiernan did her best to make sure all the characters acted and sounded like the time they were from and also their upbringing. There are so many times in YA historical fiction where they don’t sound historically accurate and even though there is that’fiction’ element in this genre, it still annoys me!

Kiernan’s writing is still superb with her intricate choice of words. While the pacing was quite slow in the first half, her writing style was still beautiful. I mostly granted this book a 3.5 stars because of my confusion, the slow pacing at the beginning and the fact that felt very detached while reading this book. Despite that, I would still recommend Kiernan’s books to EVERYONE!!!! The Moorehawke trilogy is EXCELLENT. The first book is The Poison Throne and its an amazing book!

Disperse and pick it up!



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