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Fangirl Weekly #2: Drowning in Schoolwork

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Untitled design

As you can see I changed the logo a little bit. I liked the colour scheme of all of Perkin’s books together better. Plus, you can read the title better.


Book Review: Resonance by Celine Kiernan
coral4 - CROPPED
An incredibly original and unique read that just lacked something to draw me completely into the novel.

Teen Angst #3: My Love Story
I talk about by epic and tragic love story with ballet.

Book Review: Love Bomb by Jenny McLachlan
A super cheesy and cringe-worthy story that involves an annoying protagonist and her obsession with a bad boy. Still a pretty funny read.


The Paper Towns Trailer

It’s out, guys!!! It’s a pretty good trailer, I was pretty impressed with it since I had low expectations of it. It seems as if they did a good job, we still have yet to see it but I have a feeling that I’ll be satisfied. They just seriously need to change the poster.

The Insurgent Movie

It’s showing on most cinemas, now. But I haven’t seen it just yet. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently reviewed it and she said it was ‘cheesy and illogical’. NO! I kind of did get that from the trailer though. I’ll still watch it of course, I can’t just not. I’ll watch it just for Theo.


As the title suggests, I am literally drowning in schoolwork and I’m pretty sure I haven’t done the best in a lot of them. This weekend for me has not been weekend, at all! It’s just been an extension of school. And then next weekend, I want to reward myself and go book-shopping but then I found out I’m extra, extra busy ’cause I got rostered on for Saturday at Maccas. *sniffles*

I watched the If I Stay Movie this weekend while taking a break from my workload. I liked it. Yes, there were tears. I actually really enjoyed it, it took me surprise since I had low expectations of it but they did pretty well. There are some scene when I literally cringed like when Mia gets ‘stung’ by something and Adam ‘has’ to suck the poison out. I really didn’t like that part. And the ending was rushed but other than that, not a bad job.


Got an ARC of this from Simon and Schuster to do the blog tour.
Thank you so much to them!!!
I’m only a tiny bit in so I can’t judge anything from 10 pages but I kind of like it.

That’s this week!



5 thoughts on “Fangirl Weekly #2: Drowning in Schoolwork

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my post lovely! Yes, watch it for Four. Even that didn’t satisfy me however. I hope you enjoy it when you do watch it though!

    Oooh I’m reading We All Looked Up at the moment too! Come chat about it in the GR group 🙂


  2. You poor thing! Drowning in school work is the worst. They should have life savers for that! It’s ridiculous how much homework kids get these days. Just remember it’ll all be over one day.

    I had no intentions of reading paper towns. I had no idea what it was about but the title didn’t grab me at all so I wrote it off. But now I’ve seen the trailer I can’t wait to read it, and see the movie.

    I really enjoyed If I Stay as well. And I’ll be seeing Insurgent soon. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it.


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