This March’s Playlist: Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men and some VA Good ol’ Times

Hello Everybody!!!

Music is a huge part of my life and if some crazy dictator suddenly banned it, I have some sort of idea of how crazy I would go. These posts will be about the top songs replaying on my iPod that month.

I use Spotify since it is my lifesaver mostly because it already has playlists that suit my mood at the time. It also saves me from creating playlists myself because I am one big lazy bum. It’s seriously the best thing created in the world! And I use the FREE version. I like free stuff.

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So here’s what I’ve been listening to:


Here’s my secret, I love Michael Buble. No joke. I love his music and his rendition of this song is beautiful. It takes me back to my Toy Story days and its just so relaxing and fantastic.


I’ve been replaying everything and anything by Of Monsters and Men. Their album ‘My Head is an Animal’ reminds me of Iceland. I’ve never been but I am dying to.


As you can see . . .


Love Mumford and Sons. Especially this song. I marathoned the whole Vampire Academy series replaying their album ‘Babel’ over and over again. So every time I listen to this, I associate it with some good Romitri times.


I like to think of myself as a hopeless wanderer . . .


Where would the world be without Imagine Dragons?! Seriously, their music is down to earth and has no shit wrapped around it. One of my best friends had been pushing me to listen to their new album and I was just so busy. Until I did. I never went back,


Hey Mr. safe man hustle me an okay
I could slide take a dive take it for the home team
Hey Mr. postman slip me one more green note
I’ve been low hit the floor looking just to make broke
It’s not a picture perfect life
Not what I had in mind
Let me write my own line


This song was on the Paper Towns trailer and I just had to. I fell in love with it and I literally got up and danced to it.


My friend got me into Beauty and the Beast again. Who doesn’t love Belle? She;s my favourite Disney princess along with Mulan. She’s the sort of character, I easily relate to.


‘Cause I watched If I Stay…..

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I hoped you guys enjoyed that. I totally understand if you guys don’t share the interest of the same type of music I listen to. As they say, everyone’s different.



5 thoughts on “This March’s Playlist: Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men and some VA Good ol’ Times

  1. I LOVE this playlist! OMG. I am such a HUGE fan of Of Monsters and Men, and Mumford and Sons, and Imagine Dragons. Basically, I am having a very lovely time listening to these now! Thanks for sharing! (Also YES to free! 😉 )

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