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Fangirl Weekly #5: DOUBLE TROUBLE

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I missed last week’s recap due to busyness and my forgetful mind. Hehe, sorry about that. So this week, I’ll be recapping two weeks. Fortunately, I did not get loads of blogging done. Whew, lets get to it.


Life Through The Lens
After months of procrastination, I finally shared my love for photography and the results from that. Unfortunately, my lazy ass did not give some photos of people. That will be altered soon.

Blog Tour: Weightless by Sarah Brannan.
I reviewed and shared Sarah’s playlist for this fantastic yet frustratingly bitchy book. A great book for Mean Girls fans. Thanks so much to Bloomsbury for the chance to do this!

Let’s Talk: What’s it’s Like to be a Blogger
I discussed the reality of the blogging world and attempted to smash down the conventions surrounding it. Not sure if I was successful but thanks for all the comments!!! If you’re not bothered to click the link for the post, all you have to know is blogging is bloody hard. I hope Ron Weasley is proud of me at the moment for trying that ‘bloody’ word.

Wow, looking back on that I hardly did any blogging in two weeks.

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The trailer for Me, Earl and the Dying Girl came out!!! And against my extremely strong self control, I saw it despite not having read the book. But now, I MUST READ IT!!! I couldn’t stop laughing. On first impression, I’m thinking it’ll be better than TFIOS. It’s probably one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. IT’S FANTASTIC. GO SEE IT NOW!!! I’ve embedded and linked it above just for you guys.

The Maze Runner Movie producers just picked up The Young Elites by Marie Lu. I haven’t read the book because of all the mixed things I’ve heard about it. I don’t know if I would watch the movie because I was incredible bored with the job they did at Maze Runner. I actually left in the middle of the movie. So that was an interesting piece of news.

The Shadowhunters TV show is underway. It’s been finalised that it’ll have 13 episodes aired on ABC early next year. No cast yet but my feelings about this is till skewed. But we’ll see.

Untitled designIN MY LIFE:

My holidays end tomorrow. Yes, you should be crying for me because I’m going to have to start wearing the winter uniform which consists of a kilt. A kilt. You got the idea.

To add to that, I am sorely behind on Camp NaNoWriMo because I’ve been working all holidays; babysitting mini kids and dealing with rude customers who don’t understand the pain of working at fast food places. As a result my word count is just under 18000 when it’s supposed to be at about 25 000. Help me now.

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Well, I’ve literally just finished re-reading the Trylle Trilogy bound up. I read it a few years ago but I have to read Hocking’s new series Frostfire which is set in the same world so I thought I’d brush upon it. I’ll probably do a mini review on Trylle because it’s still as action packed and captivating as I remember.


4 thoughts on “Fangirl Weekly #5: DOUBLE TROUBLE

  1. Thanks for the update Faith, I’m going to check out your discussion post now. I don’t know if I’ll end up watching that Shadowhunters show, I wasn’t a big fan of the movie either. Thanks for the update, I’ve been somewhat preoccupied as of late so it’s good to know what’s going on!


  2. Speaking of, I really need to read Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. Haven’t watched the trailer yet but I’ve heard some pretty positive things about the book. 🙂 Yeah I’m not so sure about the Shadowhunters show either… I mean, it could be good? But they could also make it pretty crappy, too. xD

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