Do you feel that indecisiveness when you’re lingering in the bookstore or online surfing on Book Depository?

Should I buy this? I’m sure I’ve been good. I have enough money. But I’m always buying books. That money could give an African child food. But that book is so good! I need to read it! I need to know what happens.

I know this happens to you.

Don’t you dare deny it.

I recently bought a book (The Heir from QBD. Thanks Kara for the reaffirmation!). *cough, cough, hangs head in shame* I know that feeling; of shame and the satisfaction all rolled into one. It’s not a good one but when that package arrives in the mail or when you carry it in a plastic bag, that guilt disappears.

But still there’s that overall:
Oh no, I’ve bought another book.

I know you guys feel it. If you don’t….well, you guys are blessed with VAST amounts of money.

After buying book(s), you always feel that guilt playing over your mind. You’ve wasted another $15 on a book or $100 if you feel a bit over the top. You feel guilty that all that money has gone but you’re happy that your bookshelf will have a new addition(s).








  1. Ha ha. BOOK BUYING GUILT? I have no such thing šŸ˜‰ To be honest though I’m more likely to borrow a book than buy ones; so I have book-borrowing guilt. I’ll go in with the intention of “Oh I’ll just have a look” and come out with, like, ten of them. xD

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    1. Yep, book borrowing guilt. You’re thinking about that other person who probably wants to read this book and you have this whole library pile. Then you shrug, “na!” Haha!


  2. I only buy books when I’m in a discount book store. And when I’m there, I go ALL OUT. Last time, I spent like 60 dollars on ten books and the time before, it was like 5 for 45. When i go to regular bookstores, I don’t buy because they’re like 20 a book and for me, that’s too expensive.

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  3. Yup, I’m pretty much a massive hoarder and it kind of amplified when I started working, then I could buy all the shiny pretty things I wanted…I definitely try to slow down on my spending, especially when I’m running out of space for books.

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  4. Great post!

    Yes, I feel this guilt most of the time, unless I made a super great deal (like with Slammed a few weeks ago) but often I just lose track on how much I have spend on books and only see it on my back account. No, I don’t have a lot of money but it’s enough to cover my spending. I really need to stop buying books but amazon one-click is my friend. My best friend and sometimes (all the time) my finger twitches and I one-click 13 new books. Ups.
    So you could call me a book hoarder…I have like too many unread books, especially on my kindle and there are new books I need to have all the time and the struggle is simply real…

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  5. I was looking at my bookshelf today and found out that the majority of books I own I have either won, received for review or bought with a giftcard. That made me realise that not too much of my money actually goes into my books, and that makes me happy. If I have bought one, then it has been a bargain of under three euros or something! ^^

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