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England, 1914. Poppy is fifteen, beautiful and clever, but society has already carved out her destiny. There’s no question of her attending the grammar school – it’s too expensive and unsuitable for a girl. Instead, Poppy will become a servant at the big house. And she’ll ‘keep out of trouble’. But Poppy’s life is about to be thrown dramatically off course. The first reason is love – with someone forbidden, who could never, ever marry a girl like her. The second reason is war. Nothing could have prepared her for that. As she experiences what people are capable of – the best of humanity and the very worst – Poppy will find an unexpected freedom and discover how to be truly her own person.

Source: Bloomsbury Australia (thank you for making my Monday)
288 Pages

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I realized before starting this book that it’s been a while since I’ve read a war book. This one was a very short, quite enjoyable read. It wasn’t amazing and honestly, I wasn’t hooked throughout the whole book but I was still entertained by what it was like as a nurse during WW1.

This will be a brief review but Iet’s start with Poppy, herself. She was your typical heroine in a historical fiction book. She’s pretty, quite introverted and of course, nice. I don’t know but they’re always nice. This kind of bothers me but as I continued to read, I got over it.

Along with that, it was a typical war story.Young women falls in love with a soldier, they start writing, she finds her self-esteem through work and then happily ever after. The writing was simple, the story itself was enjoyable. There is a second book but I don’t think I’ll end up reading it since I was completely hooked by this story. I recommend this book to anyone on a book hangover or a reading slump.

Not one of my greatest review but the Heat is on and Sandra Bullock is dancing on screen.




  1. I do enjoy a well written historical from time to time, but mostly what draws me in is the epic romance and the uncertainty of their world. But only when it’s well thought out. Poppy sounds like a nice little read for the younger audience, a bit too much niceness for me. Wonderful review Faith ❤

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  2. This book seems a bit typical in general and not too amazing, but like a nice simple story. Personally I have read a book by Mary Hooper before and I know I like her gentle writing style 🙂

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