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I’m Back?! :)



No, really I did.

I’m not kidding. AT ALL.

Well, my exams start next Monday. I should be stressed, shouldn’t I?
But I’m not (that bad?). But I’m the sort of person who doesn’t realise things till 5 minutes before I’m supposed to start and then I start shitting myself.
It’s awful. I’m shaking, I’m swearing in my head like crazy and suddenly I have to bolt to the toilet ’cause my bladder will begin exploding.

Urgh. Not nice, I know.

Anyway, sorry for not being online very much. I will officially be back at the end of this week. Think about it: this time next week, I’ll have no exams and NO SCHOOL! Then, I can finally dye my hair blue and get my cartilage pierced.


I promise photos – somebody remind me.

In the meantime, I have been locked in my room memorizing dates and how mitosis and meiosis works.

Someone save me please?!

Wish me luck and hope that I don’t fluke my English exam because that’s the one that counts.
Wait . . . actually they all count but English always hits the hardest.

Oh. I’m supposed to be studying now.

Well, I’m taking a break.



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