Fangirl Weekly


Fangirl weekly

I’m getting back into the blogging routine. It’s taking some time and I’m trying to find some sort of balance between posting book reviews and other book-related shenanigans. I will be posting a book haul soon so once the lighting is right and my schedule clears up, my camera will be feeling some love.

Untitled design

On the Blog (2)Not a huge amount this week.

If there’s any other bookish news I haven’t heard of, please let me know. I feel like I’m completely out of sync.

In my Life

Honestly, nothing much going on except for my usual ramblings with Aasma @ Infinity Reads. Seriously, her emails are my highlight of my day. It’s called TWIN POWER.

I’m also planning to go to Comic Con Sydney. I just have to organise a group because I definitely don’t want to go alone and also, book tickets. My procrastinating ass will be doing that ASAP.

Also, I’ll be 16 in 11 days!!!!!

Currently Reading

My spot on the blog tour is coming up so I skipped all previous priority books. I’ve never followed through with any of the lists I write, anyway.

As with all of Hocking’s books, it’s fast-paced and intriguing. So far, my insides are like this:



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