LET’S TALK: Organising Your Bookshelf

No doubt, our bookshelves are our beloveds.

They’re like the specially-bought cradles we buy for our delicate babies. We’ll search high and low for the perfect bookshelf and then anxiously wait for them to arrive, impatiently skim through the instructions to construct the damn (but beautiful) thing. And when the moment comes, we get stumped.

How are we going organise the baby?!

My birthday is next week (yay!) and I just found out that I’ll be getting a custom bookshelf for me prezzie (double yay!). So I’ve been wondering how I’m going to organise everything. Of course, I’ve been making lists, scrolling through Pinterest and googling pictures.

So obviously, that inspired this post. SO LET’S DO THIS.

Untitled design1. THE COLOUR CODE

This is obviously BEAUTIFUL and satisfying to look at. When you’re stressed or bored, you could easily spend an hour just staring at this beauty because let’s face it, organising this would take AGES. There’s also that tiny, itty-bitty problem that the SERIES & AUTHORS AREN’T TOGETHER. That’s what bugs me the most about this option.


This one has ORGANISATION written all over it. It’s precise, easy to navigate through and when you get new books, it’ll be easy to decide where to place them. But it lacks that creativity that the colour code has. And obviously, some of the spines might look ugly next to each other but some may look AMAZING. It really depends on the types of books you have.


This is entirely based on no system whatsoever. Every book is everywhere. There’s no particular order. It’s just wherever you felt like placing the book on that day. Obviously, I’m not going to use this method.

Untitled designMY DECISION?

I’m thinking along the lines of dividing them into READ and UN-READ and then further organising them into alphabet order. But honestly, I have no idea. I’ll see when that shelf come.



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