Fangirl Weekly

Fangirl Weekly: Actually two-weekly, in this case

Fangirl weekly

Last week, I kind of forgot to do the weekly recap …… um, yeah…..SORRY GUYS!!!

The last two weeks have been a combination of the ‘same old, same old’ and MY BIRTHDAY!

I turned 16 and got my ‘Ls’ which is for those of you who don’t live in Australia, is pretty much my driver’s license. But I’m learning hence the ‘L’. In all honestly, it didn’t really feel like my birthday. I literally kept forgetting that fact all throughout the day until someone wished me a happy birthday. I’m pretty sure I should get an epiphany or something that I’m a step closer to independence. I mean 16 yrs old, I’m pretty much an adult, hey? But yeah, I just feel……normal.

Anyway, let’s get to this week’s recap!

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On the Blog (2)

In the Bookish World

  • Well, not really bookish but the Doctor Who Series 9 trailer is out!!!!!!!!!! And the feels!!! OMG, the anticipation is killing me!!!!!!!! I NEED NOW!!!
  • Keira Cass’ The Siren cover is also out! And it is as fabulous as usual. Whoever does these covers, I must meet and hug NOW!
  • I literally just found out that Tim Burton is directing Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Now, I just know that this movie will not let me down. Tim Burton is hands down one of my favourite directors. Corpse Bride and A Nightmare before Christmas are my childhood movies and since then, I still break out singing ‘this is Halloween, this is Halloween, halloween, halloween…..’

Currently Reading

I’ve almost finished this and it’s FANTASTIC! Australian authors never cease to amaze me because there is no doubt that we, Aussies are AMAZING! This book is such a breath of fresh air with it’s realistic romance and Aussie references.

Stay tuned because I will be reading QUEEN OF SHADOWS next!!!



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