LET’S TALK: The Bookworm Life

After finishing Queen of Shadows I realised the tough life we readers have. It’s hard, it’s time consuming, emotionally-consuming and also damn expensive.
We really should be getting paid for this. So I made a list (because those are fun!) to point out to the mundanes out there why we are the awesomest people in the world.

The bookworm life mainly comprises of:

  • Buying books (which suck the life out of your back account)
  • Sore necks (the unnatural twisting of your body as you try to find a comfortable position to read)
  • Waiting for the next of the series (torture, pure torture.)
  • Piles of books (pretty)
  • A huge TBR list (stressful)
  • Another bookshelf (expensive).
  • Under-eye bags (from staying up too late)
  • Lots of concealer (for those under-eye bags)
  • Lot’s of time with the calculator (to budget your book buying habits.)
  • Anxiety (the emotional turmoil)
  • Hyperventilating (the emotional turmoil)
  • Snapping at people to shut up (you’re reading, they should stay clear)
  • Saying ‘no’ a lot (because people are asking you if they can borrow your books)
  • Less wardrobe space (let’s face it, it’s also your second bookshelf)
  • A glass jar of bookmarks (#swag)
  • Tons of book photography on your Instagram feed (my precioussss)
  • Book news on your Facebook feed (Kim Kardashian?! Pfft, whose this chick?)

There’s a (brief?) list of your life. I was right, wasn’t I? This list could go on forever but it 9:34 pm and I want to read.



6 thoughts on “LET’S TALK: The Bookworm Life

  1. Hahahaha–I laughed my way through your list. So true!!! Except for the bank account part–I have given mine a break by going to the library. It was really out of necessity for fear of ending out on the streets 😛

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