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by Paul Griffin

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Five teenagers. One boat. Who will come back alive?

Matt and his best friend, John, only came out to Montauk for the summer to make a little extra cash and then head back home. A seemingly basic plan for two guys from Queens.

And then Matt meets Driana.

Because it’s always about a girl, right?

The girl leads to a party, the party leads to a boat, which leads to being adrift at sea with three rich kids who have no clue about how to navigate a boat, let alone actually survive.

Matt and John are used to creating stability in unstable situations, but Matt’s busy falling in love at the worst possible time, and John can rub people the wrong way when he’s focused on survival. Driana is trying to keep the peace, but her friends JoJo and Stef aren’t making it easy. The longer they are out there, the lower everyone’s reserves of mental and emotional strength, which is a problem since the biggest mistakes can happen when people are tired and hungry and have no hope.

How far will each of them go to survive?

And what happens when old tensions and past ghosts rise to the surface?

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The thing about books set in isolated places is that nothing much can happen. Which is why this book was relatively short.

We have our main characters Matt, John, Driana, JoJo and Stef who have both no logic and also uncanny survival skills. Driana just happens to know how to distill salt water with limited supplies and Matt is a first aid expert. I don’t know why I refused to except this but I personally found it unrealistic. JoJo and Stef are dumb teenagers who have no idea how to keep their head straight and rational in life and death situations while Matt, John and Dri on the other hand are sometimes a little too calm.

Throughout this book you get those typical heart-stopping, action-packed scenes with violent storms, people dying, man-eating flies, you know the drill. And then there other scenes where they are literally drifting in the middle of the ocean with little conversation and pretty much nothing happening. It wasn’t that I didn’t like this book. In fact, I enjoyed it and I read it through one sitting because it’s one of those books that you cannot put down because if you do, you lose the whole feel of the novel. But this read did leave me with nothing. The ending is anti-climatic and almost bland and what I took out of this novel was nothing interesting or entertaining. Also, the reason why they ventured out to a huge span of ocean in the middle of a storm only to end up stranded in the first place was just plain stupid.

In conclusion, this book was action-packed and will hook you to read it in one sitting. It’s only very short so that fact is very possible. But this novel will also leave with an urge to smack all the characters.




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