Fangirl Weekly

Fangirl Weekly: Instagram – yep, I got it.

Fangirl weekly

That’s another week gone by and along with it, Winter!

I was getting fed up with the cold and having to bundle up. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love jeans and cuddling up in bed reading but I was missing the care-free Summer feel. I need beach outings. It’s an Aussie thing.

I also got Instagram last week! It’s mainly for the blog and photography shenanigans that I want to share. Like always, I’m a late band-wagon joiner but JENNIFER NIVEN FOLLOWED ME! You know who I’m talking about, the genius behind the heart-breaking book, All The Bright Places.
Anyway, you can find the Instagram account here. 

On Friday, I also went to Imagine Dragons. No joke, they are FANTASTIC. They are so much better live and everything was just awesome. I have no words – mainly because I lost my voice but also because of how amazing they were

My friends and I were heaps lucky to get so close in the mosh pit. It was crazy and amazing in there. The crowd was so pumped we were all just so captivated by the awesomeness that is IMAGINE DRAGONS!

Untitled design

On the Blog (2)

I missed Thursday’s post, I know. I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY. I’m mentally beating myself up too but I am making it up by posting a book haul on Tuesday. Good enough?

In the Bookish World

  • 5th Wave Trailer.
    Yep. It’s here. It’s coming. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK? Honestly, the movie’s CGI looks incredible. I don’t know how Chloe Grace Mortez will bring our beloved Cassie to life but I’m excited!

    Here’s the freaky-cool movie poster as well:


Currently Reading

I’ve just finished the Mime Order (Bone Season #2) for the paperback release blog tour. Get ready for some fun times from other bloggers!

And I just picked up:


It’s kind of like Love, Rosie. Do you get my frustration now?
I’m flying through this book because it’s frustrating love story and interesting concept surrounding Oliver.

Untitled design

There you go!!! Another jam-packed week!!!



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