Fangirl Weekly

Fangirl Weekly: School’s Almost Over, People!

Fangirl weekly

Hola Everyone!!!

Next week, school will be gone and guess what that means?!


This week, I had my first driving lesson (whew). Honestly, it went better than expected but I’m super nervous to begin driving on ACTUAL ROADS. That’s scary shit, man. It’s harder than it looks and if you’re like me and you have a short attention span who tends to get distracted and daydreams easily…..well, it’s kind of harder.
But I know I’ll get it soon. My dad keeps saying its one of the easiest things ever.
Well, maybe for him.

Let’s get to this week’s recap!

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On the Blog (2)

Yes, I only posted once. Why? Because I’m a lazy arse who has short memory span. Kind of like Dory. If you don’t who Dory is (you uncultured beasts! Jokes, I love you people), google Finding Nemo, watch the movie and prepare to have your life changed FOREVER.

In the Bookish World

  • The 3rd Divergent movie ain’t gonna be called Allegiant but ASCENDANT.

    Well’s that’s a surprise. I honestly don’t feel comfortable because a change in the title could easily become a whole change to the meaning of the movies and thus, THE WHOLE MOVIE. Divergent wasn’t a bad film, Insurgent was undoubtedly crappy so chances are, this one won’t be so great but there’s always hope, people.

Currently Reading

I was very lucky to receive an ARC from Penguin. THANK YOU!!!
I’ve been going through it very slowly mainly because I’m supposed to have already ready Animal Farm for school so I keep stopping and starting it. My reading habits have been very unstructured, lately. I will get my life straight, soon. Don’t worry.



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