August Photography

I haven’t taken many photos that’ll be posted here. Most of them was of my best friend’s 16th and I don’t think anyone wants to be posted on this blog. I’ve been trying to experiment with different settings and trying to take photos in motion (so far failing). I’m trying, guys.

Untitled design


I do not like white light at all but I was messing around with the focus. Does anyone else mess with the settings on their camera when they’re bored at night?


The sky was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L one evening and I literally scrambled for the camera. So PRETTY……..


It was one of those afternoons after school when I had no activities, no homework, wasn’t bothered to do my assessments and it was just me, my book and tea.


I was helping out my bff organise her party before-hand and her rabbit is ADORABLE. His fluffy, floppy ears are just gorgeous.

Untitled design

Voila, peeps!!!

Hope you enjoyed those photos. I know there wasn’t many.



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