Fangirl Weekly


Fangirl weekly

School is over for two weeks, peeps!!!

The year 12s have graduated and the rest of us are left to envy their newly-arrived freedom. That includes me but at least we get 2 weeks off.

This week, we lost our basketball grand finals. We were literally winning throughout the whole game until the last minute and a half. THE FRUSTRATION.
But we went for pizza afterwards so that made things a bit better.

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On the Blog (2)

  • August Book Haul
    This month’s smaller-than-usual haul, featuring my new bookshelf.
  • August Photography
    This month’s compilation which was honestly a bunch of random shots because most of the photos I took last month was at my best friend’s party.
  • Book Review: One by Sarah Crossman
    SO GOOD!!! This book is heart-wrenching, emotional and just the type of diversity the YA world needs. A story about a pair of conjoined twins, it will immediately capture your heart with not only their tale but the unique enjambment, the book is written in.
  • My Dream Bookshelf
    I discuss some of the novels/series I absolutely, positively NEED on my shelves ranging from Marvel comics to Harry Potter.

In the Bookish World

  • Throne of Glass has been optioned for a TV series!!!
    WHAT?! WHAT?! When this happens, I really hope it becomes like the junior version of Game of Thrones with epic acting and world-building. If it’s done terribly, I WILL LITERALLY DIE because this is my favourite series in the whole entire world and if my babies are ruined, then I will be ruined too.
  • Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver optioned for a movie!!!
    Honestly, I’m really sick with Hollywood getting all their ideas from YA books. I miss movies that were written to actually become a movie. I miss Hollywood’s originality and their ability to create great movies on their own. So I’m iffy with this one.

Currently Reading

Guys, guys, guys, this is such an honest and fantastic book. So far, I’m just getting doses of reality and fun-times and it’s such an amazing balance. It addresses issues like sexuality, bullying, depression and accepting you who are so realistically and without bullshit. I’m almost finished so my review will be up soon.

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School week done, holiday week coming up!

I’ll savour it while it lasts.




  1. I heard that 50% of movies where made from books and that was long before YA books started getting made into movies. You’d probably be surprised by the number of movies actually based on books, so it’s not a new thing. I did not hear that about Throne of Glass, and yes they better make it brilliant and not ruin it with badly written scripts and bad acting. I’m really looking forward to Before I Fall being made into a movie (Hopefully they do that right as well.) It is my favourite Lauren Oliver book.
    Hope you enjoy your holidays.

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