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Fangirl Weekly: Short and snappy!!!

Fangirl weekly

Hello Everybody!!!

This one’s going to be a short and snappy recap since I’ve just gotten back from a long and tiring yet AWESOME day at Comic-con. I will definitely write a post about all the shenanigans my friends and I got up to. I did try to vlog which really means I have a bunch of videos of the comic con stalls and stuff. I don’t actually have any videos of me. . . well, I promise better vlogging when I go to Book Expo Australia in October.

So here’s the short and sweet weekly recap.

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On the Blog (2)

I know, one post this week. Shameful…..

  • Book Review: The Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa

    The diversity and the issues addresses in this novel are fantastic. The characters are so vivid and diverse. This book will capture your heart from the beginning all the way to the end.
  • In the Bookish WorldNew 5th Wave Trailer.

It’s longer and honestly, I prefer the first one but all that matters is the movie. This adaptation looks like a good one guys, I’m looking forward to it.

Currently Reading

I’m currently in a reading slump so I’m in the middle of these two books. I know both are actually intriguing and interesting but my horrible slump is dragging me down. And that is not making me happy.

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Told you, it would be short and snappy.
I’ll be posting all my comic-con stuff this week sometime and hopefully, I’ll be a a better blogger then, too.



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